[ES_JOBS_NET] Spire seeking Data Assimilation Scientists to join elite weather team in Boulder, CO

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Fri May 6 13:34:13 MDT 2016


Spire Global (www.spire.com <http://www.spire.com/>) is looking for two 
experienced data assimilation scientists to join our team in Boulder, 
CO. You'll work alongside industry veterans to explore and advance the 
capabilities of our remote sensing nano-satellite constellation, with a 
focus on integrating our unique high-frequency GNSS-Radio Occultation 
and other data sources to improve global weather forecasting.

If you're interested, please read the following description and apply 
directly via the link provided.

*Spire Global*
*Data Assimilation Scientist*
*Apply here*: http://spire.com/careers/?gh_jid=208821*
Boulder, CO


Spire Global is seeking two Data Assimilation (DA) scientists who will 
contribute toward the Company’s effort of developing advanced DA methods 
in support of our satellite missions. This is an exciting opportunity 
for motivated scientists to make a difference through advancing DA 
techniques in order to assimilate unprecedented large amounts of Radio 
Occultation (GNSS-RO) and other satellite data and make weather 
forecasts better. Successful candidates will join the DA Team under the 
Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) Branch at Spire office in Boulder, 
Colorado, USA. They will have opportunities to work with top-level 
scientists at Spire as well as scientists from around the world on 
impactful issues that are truly global.


The successful candidates will work with Spire DA and NWP team members 
to implement and evaluate cutting-edge DA methods in order to assimilate 
large amounts of GNSS-RO and other satellite data into the Spire global 

Responsibilities will include the following tasks:

  * Proposing innovative approaches to DA, data processing and quality
  * Developing and implementing the DA systems capable of assimilating
    GNSS-RO and other satellite data into the Spire global model.
  * Evaluating impact of GNSS-RO data through data sensitivity studies,
    such as Observing System Experiments (OSE) and Observing System
    Simulation Experiments (OSSE).
  * Working with NWP team members to evaluate DA impact on the forecast
  * Working with software engineering to develop effective software
  * Presenting research findings at scientific conferences and workshops.


  * MS or PhD degree in Meteorology, Atmospheric Science, or equivalent
    working experience in data assimilation.
  * Working experience with cutting-edge DA methods, such as 3D-Var,
    4D-Var, ensemble Kalman filter and hybrid ensemble-variational methods.
  * Working experience with DA systems involving complex NWP models,
    such as WRF, GFS and ECMWF forecast models.
  * Fluent knowledge of programming languages (Fortran-90 and scripting)
    for debugging and optimizing codes in Linux/Unix environment is
  * Working experience with GSI (Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation) DA
    system is desirable.
  * Hands-on experience with GNSS-RO forward operators is desirable.
  * Experience and knowledge of computer-based statistics, data analysis
    and post-
  * processing are desirable.
  * Experience in the use of graphical display packages (e.g. NCL, GrADS) is
  * desirable.
  * Demonstration of the ability to work as part of a development team
    is necessary.

*Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin upon the 
receipt of **applications and continue until the positions are filled.*

*Annual Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience.*

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