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Subject: Graduate Workshop on Environmental Data Analytics - July 25-29,
2016, NCAR, Boulder CO.

Third Annual Graduate Workshop on Environmental Data Analytics - July 25-=

29, 2016, NCAR, Boulder CO.


This workshop series is designed to help prepare the next generation of=20=

researchers and practitioners to work within, and contribute to, the data=
rich era. Each workshop will bring together graduate students and senior=20=

scientists in environmental statistics and related fields to explore=20
contemporary topics in applied environmental data modeling.

The workshop will consist of hands-on computing and modeling tutorials,=20=

presentations from graduate student participants, and invited talks from=20=

early career and established leaders in environmental data modeling.=20
Tutorials and invited talks will address useful ideas and tools directly=20=

applicable to student participants' current and future research.=20

Workshop participants will:

*Develop new modeling and computing skills through hands-on analyses and=20=

lectures led by quantitative scientists

*Share research findings and explore open questions within and at the=20
interface of environmental, ecological, climatic, and statistical science=

*Learn about the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and=20
National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) data resources that can=20=

facilitate scientific discovery

Workshop tutorials:

*Climate data analytics: Doug Nychka, Institute for Mathematics Applied t=
Geosciences, NCAR

*Introduction to Bayesian statistics and modeling for environmental and=20=

ecological data: Alix Gitelman, Department of Statistics, Oregon State=20=


*Hierarchical models for spatio-temporal data analysis:  Andrew Finley,=20=

Department of Forestry, Michigan State University

Twenty five graduate students in environmental, ecological, climatic, and=
statistical science fields will be selected to participate in this year's=
week-long workshop.

There is no registration fee.  Lodging will be at CU-Boulder Bear Creek=20=

apartments and daily transportation to NCAR Mesa Lab and NEON is covered =
the sponsors (NSF, NCAR, IMAGe, and SAMSI).  Participants will only be=20=

responsible for travel to Boulder and meals.
Application materials are due April 8 and notification will occur around=20=

April 15. Please see www2.cisl.ucar.edu/events/workshops/3rd-data-analyti=
cs for application details.

Please email Andrew Finley finleya at msu.edu with any questions.
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