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This position posted today and will remain open until April 14, 2016. All qualified persons with US citizenship are encouraged to apply. Please feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues within the community. Contact Bruce Doddridge bruce.doddridge at nasa.gov<mailto:bruce.doddridge at nasa.gov>, 757-268-6659 if you have any questions.

Research Physical Scientist, AST, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics
POSITION: Research Physical Scientist, AST, Atmospheric Chemistry & Dynamics, GS-1301-12/13
LOCATION: E303, Science Directorate, Chemistry & Dynamics Branch
OPENING DATE: March 31, 2016
CLOSING DATE: April 14, 2016
AREA OF CONSIDERATION: This announcement is open to all qualified U.S. citizens.
The Chemistry and Dynamics Branch within the Science Directorate (SD) is seeking a physical scientist with a background in instrumental methods development, measurement technology, atmospheric sciences and dynamics to help advance, maintain, apply and enhance their optical in situ measurement capabilities for delineating aspects of atmospheric composition important to climate, air quality and satellite/model validation, with preferred emphasis on carbon cycle species, greenhouse gases and water vapor. The incumbent will work with the carbon dioxide/trace gas/water vapor (AVOCET/DACOM/DLH) and aerosol/cloud (LARGE) groups to both (1) support field measurements, analysis and modeling of the fundamental atmospheric composition and aerosol/cloud research programs, and (2) to extend the capability of the existing measurement systems.

This is a developmental position; management may select at any grade level. If you are selected at the GS-12 level you may receive a one-time non-competitive promotion to the full performance level of GS-13, when eligible and recommended by management.

Identification of promotion potential in this position does not constitute a commitment or an obligation on the part of management to promote the employee. Promotion will depend upon administrative approval and the continuing need for an actual assignment and performance of higher level duties.
Additional details are available at the following websites prior to the closing date:

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