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AER (www.aer.com 
has an opening for an Emission Scientist who will work with our Air 
Quality and Greenhouse Gas Teams in Lexington, MA to develop bottom-up 
inventories of greenhouse gases (GHGs), ozone precursors, aerosols, and 
other air pollutants.

Interested candidates can apply online at:

*Opportunity Overview*: We are looking for an Emission Scientist who 
will work with AER’s Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Teams[1] <#_ftn1> to 
develop bottom-up inventories of greenhouse gases (GHGs), ozone 
precursors, aerosols, and other air pollutants for a variety of 
scientific applications, including carbon cycle studies, atmospheric 
chemistry research, air quality and climate modeling, and air pollution 
control strategy development. Experience with using tools like SMOKE and 
MOVES to convert these emission inventories into gridded, speciated, 
hourly emission inputs for air quality and atmospheric dispersion models 
is required, and experience with top-down inversion methodologies to 
evaluate and improve emission inventories is a plus. The Emission 
Scientist will also be expected to pursue relevant funding opportunities 
in order to develop an externally funded research program, and to 
regularly present at scientific conferences and publish results in 
peer-reviewed journals. You will be able to use the extensive imagery, 
business activity, and other data sets produced at AER and our sister 
Verisk Analytics companies to provide innovative, industry-leading 
solutions for the emission inventory and emission modeling needs of 
clients in government, academia, and industry, as well as to further 
your own scientific research interests. The position requires 
individuals that have a passion for collaboration across teams and 
divisions, leveraging their technical and scientific skill to inspire 
creativity across the organization.

*Qualifications Include:*

  * A graduate degree in the physical sciences or engineering (e.g.,
    Chemistry, Meteorology, Physics, Environmental Engineering, Chemical
    Engineering, Mechanical Engineering) that included coursework and
    research projects relevant to the Emission Scientist position
  * 2+ years of practical work experience with emission inventory
    development and emissions modeling


  * Support AER’s Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Teams through emission
    inventory data development, inventory assessment, control strategy
    assessment, and emission modeling
  * Work may include:
      o Collection and processing of activity and emission data for use
        in inventory development
      o Development of relevant emission factors
      o Development and application of growth rates
      o Developing spatial and temporal profiles for different emission
      o Control technology assessment
      o Regulatory analysis
  * Develop and lead an externally funded research program on emission
    modeling, the Earth’s carbon and nitrogen cycles, or other relevant
    scientific topics
  * Author scientific reports and journal articles
  * Present at scientific and industry conferences
  * Maintain active, positive, and productive relationships with clients
    and collaborators

*Technical and Scientific Skills:*

  * Expertise with bottom-up emission inventory development
  * Expertise in using models like SMOKE and/or MOVES to prepare
    emission inputs for air quality models like CMAQ, CAMx, or WRF-Chem
  * Expertise with GIS data and tools
  * Expertise using inversion methodologies to create top-down emission
    estimates of GHGs and other air pollutants
  * Excellent scientific programming skills in FORTRAN and other
    languages (e.g., Python, R, Perl, IDL)
  * Excellent writing skills
  * Strong scientific understanding of the biogeochemical cycles of
    carbon and nitrogen and how they influence atmospheric composition
    is a plus
  * Experience with 3D Eulerian air quality models (e.g., CMAQ, CAMx, or
    WRF-Chem) or Lagrangian particle dispersion models (e.g., HYSPLIT,
    STILT, FLEXPART) is a plus
  * Ability to work in a fast-paced multidisciplinary environment

AER offers a competitive wage and benefit package.AER is an equal 
opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive 
consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or 
any other characteristic protected by law.As a federal contractor, AER 
welcomes priority referrals of protected veterans and individuals with 
disabilities. Please apply online at 

Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) helps businesses and 
governments better anticipate and manage climate and weather-related 
risks. Large insurance, energy and investment firms count on AER to help 
them decrease weather-related losses and increase profitability by 
integrating state-of-the-art climate science and weather information 
into their planning and decision processes. Large government agencies 
like NOAA, NASA and the Departments of Defense and Energy rely on AER’s 
scientists to help solve weather and climate related problems of vital 
national importance in energy, environment, national security and 
climate change. Established in 1977, AER is headquartered in Lexington, 
Massachusetts and is a subsidiary of Verisk Analytics. For more 
information visit www.aer.com <http://www.aer.com>.


[1] <#_ftnref1> 

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