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Subject: postdoc opportunity at OSU in fire ecology/pyrogeography

Postdoctoral Researcher/Research Associate=20
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University
Fire ecology/pyrogeography

Postdoctoral position studying spatial patterns of contemporary wildfire =
=91refugia=92 in=20
western North America

The Department of Forest Ecosystems & Society at Oregon State Univers=
ity invites=20
applications for a full-time (1.00 FTE), 12-month fixed term Research Ass=
ociate (Post Doc)=20
position. Reappointment for a second year is at the discretion of the Dep=
artment Head.=20
This position conducts research in the study of spatial pattern and predi=
ctability of=20
contemporary wildfire =91refugia=92 (unburned patches of burn mosaics) in=
 western North=20
America. This position will be responsible for geospatial and statistical=
 analyses of large=20
datasets, interpretation of model results, and communication of findings =
in peer reviewed=20
journal and conference presentations. There is potential to contribute to=
 the fieldwork=20
component of the research program.

This successful candidate will work with Dr. Meg Krawchuk at Oregon State=
 University in=20
Corvallis, Oregon as part of an existing collaborative effort with resear=
ch partners Dr.=20
Sandra Haire (Haire Laboratory), Dr. Carol Miller (Aldo Leopold Wildernes=
s Research=20
Institute), Dr. Jonathan Coop (Western State Colorado University), and Dr=
. Marc-Andr=E9=20
Parisien (Canadian Forest Service), and Dr. Geneva Chong (USGS).

Minimum/required requirements:
=95=09PhD in natural resources, ecology, biogeography, environmental scie=
nce or a closely=20
related field.
=95=09Computing skills including statistical software (R), spatial softwa=
re (ArcGIS), and=20
experience with large datasets.
=95=09Professional competence in planning, designing, executing, and comm=
research in an efficient and timely manner.
=95=09Demonstrated proficiency for independently writing scientific publi=
cations for=20
submission to peer-reviewed journals.
=95=09Strong communication skills that allow for working effectively as a=
 member of a=20
spatially distributed collaborative research team.

Preferred qualifications:
=95=09Previous research experience with wildfire.
=95=09Knowledge and experience of contemporary fire management and conser=
=95=09Lead author on publication using large geospatial datasets.
=95=09A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity and =

Position duties:
45% =96 Data collection, geospatial analyses (e.g., burn severity metrics=
 such as those=20
gleaned from Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity Program (MTBS), fire weat=
topography, land management, land cover), and statistical model developme=
nt (e.g.,=20
Classification and Regression Tree (CART), and Generalized Linear Model (=
GLM) to=20
determine explanatory variables regulating the occurrence of fire refugia=
patches) of forest landscapes across western North America, with a focus =
topographic/physiognomic predictability.
20% =96 Interpretation of model outputs in the context of landscape ecolo=
gy, conservation,=20
and land management. Development of effective data graphics to communicat=
e results in a=20
meaningful format, including to scientists and resource managers.
35% =96 Preparation of written results into publishable format, and submi=
ssion to peer=20
reviewed journals. Presentation of results at scientific conferences and/=
or meetings.=20
Interaction/communication with members of the lab group at OSU and commun=
ication with=20
project collaborators.

Salary: Salary is commensurate with education and experience.

Ideally, the position starts September 10, 2016 but start date is negotia=

For additional information please contact: Meg Krawchuk at=20
Meg.Krawchuk at oregonstate.edu

Visit the application web site http://jobs.oregonstate.edu/postings/26794=
 for complete=20
details and to submit materials. To ensure full consideration, applicatio=
ns must be received=20
by July 1, 2016 (posted June 9, 2016). Applications will continue to be a=
ccepted after the=20
full consideration date, until a sufficient applicant pool has been achie=
ved or the position is=20
filled. The closing date is subject to change without notice to applicant=

When applying you will be required to attach the following electronic doc=
1) A resume/CV; and
2) A cover letter indicating how your qualifications and experience have =
prepared you for=20
this position.
You are required to submit the names of at least three professional refer=
ences, their e-mail=20
addresses and telephone numbers as part of the application process.

OSU commits to inclusive excellence by advancing equity and diversity in =
all that we do.=20
We are an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer, and particularly=
applications from members of historically underrepresented racial/ethnic =
groups, women,=20
individuals with disabilities, veterans, LGBTQ community members, and oth=
ers who=20
demonstrate the ability to help us achieve our vision of a diverse and in=
clusive community.
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