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Mon Jun 13 15:50:14 MDT 2016

A collaborative research project between Lewis & Clark College, Pacific
Northwest National Labs, and University of Colorado, Boulder, seeks a
postdoctoral researcher on a project investigating macro-physical
properties of shallow (fair-weather) cumulus clouds.


The work will integrate Total Sky Imager (TSI) visible observations of the
sky dome and observations from active sensors such as radars and lidars
captured at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program Southern
Great Plains site. The macro-physical properties, such as cloud base
height, cloud chord length, and cloud aspect ratio, will be used to improve
modeling-based process studies.

The postdoctoral researcher will work primarily at Lewis & Clark College, a
four-year undergraduate liberal arts college located in Portland, OR (
www.lclark.edu) with researcher Jessica Kleiss. Mentoring for a postdoc
interested in exploring a career at a liberal arts college will be
available (but not required). The postdoc will collaborate with researchers
at PNNL and CU Boulder. The postdoctoral researcher will be expected to
spend some months at PNNL in Richland WA each year for closer collaboration
and expanding their professional network. This is a limited duration
position dependent on external grant funding. Two years of support are
expected, with the potential for a third year of research pending adequate

   1. Analyze the Total Sky Imager data and remote sensing (Lidar and
   Radar) data from the ARM field site in Oklahoma to retrieve macrophysical
   cloud properties such as cloud base height, cloud aspect ratio, cloud top
   height, cloud thickness, and cloud chord length. The macrophysical
   properties are then used to inform the 4-D data cube of shallow cumulus
   cloud genesis and evolution.
   2. Keep careful documentation of the analysis procedure through creation
   of readme files and a research notebook.
   3. Contribute to two research progress reports per year for submission
   to DOE / ASR.
   4. Prepare oral or poster presentations to present at roughly one
   professional conference per year.
   5. Participate in collaborative meetings with Kleiss, Riihimaki,
   Kassianov, Long, and undergraduate research students to discuss current
   research progress and next steps.
   6. Maintain computing resources in Kleiss lab: install and update
   software, maintain data backups.


   - PhD in atmospheric science, climate science, oceanography,
   environmental science, earth science, or related field with some knowledge
   of the atmosphere and clouds.
   - Knowledge of Atmospheric Science, specifically cloud genesis and
   - Computer programming skills, preferably in Python, IDL, C, or Fortran.
   - Knowledge of computer operating systems, networks, software packages,
   and data management.
   - Data analysis and documentation skills.
   - Verbal communication skills for collaboration.
   - Written communication skills for writing reports and documenting work.
   - Graphical design skills for preparation of final reports and


   - 3 or more years of experience gathering and analyzing their own data,
   resulting in a publication.
   - 2 or more years of experience attending scientific conferences to
   present their work.
   - Computer programming skills in Matlab.
   - Familiar with UNIX operating system.
   - Skills and knowledge of digital image processing techniques.
   - Skill at conceptualizing spatially complex geometrical space.


Please submit a Cover Letter, CV, and contact information for three
references to the job listing at*Jobs: Lewis & Clark College
<https://jobs.lclark.edu/postings/6019>*. This position will remain open
until filled, with an ideal start date of August 1st, 2016.

Lewis & Clark College will conduct background checks on the finalist(s).
Lewis & Clark College is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified
applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to
status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability,
or other protected status, such as race, religion, color, national origin,
sex or age. Questions regarding Title IX may be referred to the Title IX
Coordinator or OCR

Jessica Kleiss
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR
phone: 503-768-7368
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