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Subject: Hiring full time lab/field manager

The Earth Systems Ecology Lab at the University of New Mexico is advertis=
for a Research Scientist to assist with a research project in the Sierra
Nevada focused on understanding the carbon dynamics of forest restoration=
This field and lab based position will require the employee to spend up t=
four months per year working and living at the Teakettle Experimental For=
in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and the remainder o=
the year working in the lab at the University of New Mexico.  The researc=
site is in a remote location and the employee will be required to camp.  =
building is available with kitchen and bathroom facilities.  The employee=

will be responsible for performing forest inventory data collection in
support of a project to quantify the effects of a second entry prescribed=

fire on forest carbon dynamics.  Specific data collection will include
mapping and measuring trees and measuring surface fuels, understory
vegetation, and collecting soil samples.  The employee will oversee data
collection by other research technicians, ensuring data quality and
completeness.  The employee will be responsible for field season
preparation, including equipment maintenance and readiness prior to the
start of the field season.  While in the lab, the employee will be
responsible for data quality assurance and quality control, performing da=
analysis, contributing to the preparation of abstracts and manuscripts, a=
well as other miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. Salary range:=

$2686.33-$3165.06 plus benefits.

Preferred qualifications include a Bachelor or Master=92s degree in ecolo=
forestry, biology, or environmental science; previous data collection
experience for 2-3 field seasons; previous experience working in a remote=

location; experience using a geographic information system; experience
conducting data analysis in R or Python.=20

Application review will begin 13 June.=20

For additional information and to apply visit:
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