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Subject: Fellowship Opportunities - Applications Due Aug. 30, 2016

Generous donations have allowed Conservation International (CI) to=20
establish two new and unique fellowship programs=20
www.conservation.org/fellowships =96 the Lui-Walton Innovators and the An=
& Tom Friedman Fellows for Science Fellowship Programs.

The Lui-Walton Innovators Fellowship Program=20
fellowship.aspx strategically combines the collaborative effort of=20
recognized leaders and emerging talent to address critical conservation=20=

issues at a global, regional and local level.  The Ann & Tom Friedman=
Fellows for Science Program http://www.conservation.org/about/pages/ann-
recognizes and supports the key role=20
that science play in achieving CI=92s conservation goals.
Every other year, CI selects Fellows who will seek solutions to specific=20=

areas of critical need.  Both Fellowship programs give emerging leaders=20=

a unique and challenging, two-year, hands-on opportunity to make=20
meaningful and innovative contributions to environmental conservation=20

The Fellowship programs are now accepting applications for the FY=20
2017/18 class of Fellows.  All applications must be submitted online.=20=20=

Applications are due by August 30, 2016.
Current, open positions include:
-Sustainable Landscapes Lui-Walton Fellow
-Freshwater Lui-Walton Fellow
-REDD+ Lui-Walton Fellow
-Water & Cities Friedman Fellow
-Climate Change Adaptation Friedman Fellow

Detailed descriptions of the above positions can be found on the CI web

page at www.conservation.org/fellowships.
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