[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoctoral position at Cornell on impacts of solar geoengineering

dgm224 at cornell.edu dgm224 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 25 11:12:46 MDT 2016

I have a postdoctoral position available at Cornell for research to assess
expected climate impacts associated with solar geoengineering in two
specific contexts: (i) in the Arctic, and (ii) for "overshoot" scenarios.
The ideal candidate would be someone with experience analyzing output of GCM
simulations (in a geoengineering context a plus) and a strong interest in
the societal implications of their research.  Start date is flexible
(funding is already available), funding is currently available through the
end of August 2017 but may be extended.  Must have PhD in a relevant field.
Please contact me for further details; for applications please email (with
the subject line of this email) your cv, one or two relevant reprint or
preprints of journal articles, and the names of three references.



Douglas MacMartin

Senior Research Associate, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Fellow, Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Cornell University

(650) 619-9341

dgm224 at cornell.edu


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