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Subject: Job: James Reserve Assistant Director (UC Natural Reserve System)

James Reserve Assistant Director (UC Natural Reserve System)

August 19, 2016

The University of California, Riverside is seeking an Assistant Reserve=20=

Director for the James San Jacinto Mountain and Oasis de los Osos=20
Reserves, one of 39 sites that comprise the UC Natural Reserve System=20
(UC NRS), which is the largest university administered reserve system in=20=

the world. The UC NRS encompasses more than 756,000 acres throughout=20
California. Founded in 1965 to provide undisturbed environments for=20
research, education and public service, the NRS contributes to=20
understanding and wise stewardship of the Earth. Established in 1966,=20
the James Reserve is located in the San Jacinto Mountains next to the=20
San Bernardino National Forest. The James Reserve is located in the San=20=

Jacinto Mountains next to the San Bernardino National forest and is=20
roughly 29 acres that consists of mixed coniferous forest, pine oak=20
woodland, montane chaparral and riparian habitats. Facilities at the=20
Reserve can accommodate 70+ overnight visitors and include a main=20
dormitory style lodge, 3 dormitory-style modular units and a=20
classroom/wet lab. Oasis de los Osos is a satellite reserve to the=20
James. It is about a 45-minute drive from the James Reserve and is=20
located in San Gorgonio Pass, 19 km northwest of Palm Springs. There are=20=

no facilities at Oasis de los Osos.

Each Reserve reports to the James Reserve Director, a Faculty Campus=20
Director and is guided by a Campus Advisory Committee. The Assistant=20
Director 1) provides daily management of the Reserves, including=20
orienting visitors, facilities, road and trail maintenance activities,=20=

and collecting and managing data input, e.g. weather station data,=20
camera trap data and accounts for reserve usage; 2) maintains database=20=

and other information management, including website, maps using GPS and=20=

GIS, catalogue and organize library including historic collections of=20
maps, literature, including incoming publications, and the teaching=20
collection of preserved specimen; 3) ability to operate a range of=20
equipment related work outside, e.g. to split wood (pneumatic splitter),=20=

level roads (tractor), clear trails (chainsaw); 4) demonstrates a=20
willingness to assume responsibility readily and the ability to work=20
with minimal supervision.=20

BA required with MS preferred, preferably with specialization in=20
biology, botany, zoology, geography or comparable field. Willingness to=20=

perform work outside, under adverse weather conditions, including=20
strenuous physical labor in heavy snowfall. Knowledge of basic=20
maintenance techniques for electrical, plumbing, fencing, roads and=20
physical plant. Willingness to stay overnight at reserve site when=20
necessary. Must be able to operate and/or willing to operate all kinds=20=

of equipment needed to perform duties. Must have a valid driver's=20
license, and must be able to drive manual transmission vehicles, and=20

The Assistant Reserve Director should routinely be present on the=20
reserve. This includes being on call outside of normal business hours.=20=

The University of California, Riverside is an affirmative action/equal=20=

opportunity employer with a strong institutional commitment to the=20
achievement of diversity among its faculty, staff, and students.=20=20

Salary: $45,744 - $73,620

To apply: Please visit:=20

You will be asked to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV), References with=20
contact information (3), and an optional cover letter that includes the=20=

reasons you are seeking this position and your relevant experience.=20

Job location: Idyllwild, CA
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