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*Employment Opportunity at International Institute for Applied Systems 
Analysis (IIASA)*

IIASA was established in 1972 as an independent international research 
organisation based in Austria. IIASA's interdisciplinary research 
focuses on finding solutions to the complex, interconnected global 
problems confronting humanity ranging from achieving global food 
security to transitioning to sustainable energy systems.

IIASA’s _Transitions to New Technologies (TNT) Program_ is inviting 
applications for _a Research Scholar (Analyst)_ position to conduct a 
technology assessment of Nexus technologies as contribution to a larger 
interdisciplinary research project on identifying Integrated Solutions 
for the joint sustainable management of Water, Energy, and Land (IS-WEL 

As part of a new Institute-wide research initiative that aims at an 
improved scenario modeling and options identification in the Nexus of 
resource interdependencies between water, energy, and land, the TNT 
Program is planning to conduct a comprehensive technology assessment of 
nexus technologies, i.e. technologies that are key determinants of 
water, energy, and land resource interactions. Examples of Nexus 
technologies include inter alia, irrigation and hydroelectricity 
systems, power plant cooling, seawater desalination, or large-scale 
biofuel production.

The Research Scholar will lead the quantitative technology assessment of 
the historical development of selected key Nexus technologies as input 
to scenario and modeling and sustainable options analysis.

Further details about this opportunity and how to apply can be found 

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