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The Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Temple University
seeks motivated students interested in pursing MS (Geology) or PhD

*(1)    **Environmental impacts of renewable energy: *The research project
will evaluate opportunities to lower the environmental impacts (on land and
water resources) of large-scale solar development by providing foundational
data and analysis on cost reduction opportunities. A major option that will
be evaluated in the proposed research will be the colocation of solar
installations and agriculture. The research project, funded by the
Department of Energy, will identify crops suitable for colocation for
different agroclimatic regions, collect data on the energy inputs, water
and emissions from solar infrastructures and crops/biofuels, and conduct
comprehensive life cycle analyses to understand the tradeoffs and synergies
of colocation. The student will be advised by Sujith Ravi (Temple
University, PA https://sites.temple.edu/ravi/home/) and will work in close
collaboration with Jordan Macknick (National Renewable Energy Laboratory,

*(2)  **Landscape responses to fire*: This NSF funded project will
investigate the applicability of novel techniques – rare earth element
tracers for wind erosion, and LiDAR (Ground-based & Unmanned Aerial
Systems) for soil microtopography and vegetation structure – to monitor
landscape responses to disturbances (fires). The project will involve a
combination of extensive field experiments (in New Mexico) and laboratory
analysis. The student will be advised by Sujith Ravi (Temple University, PA
https://sites.temple.edu/ravi/home/) and will work in close collaboration
with Joel Sankey (USGS, Southwest Biological Science Center, Flagstaff, AZ)
and Junran Li (University of Tulsa, OK).

Applicants for the PhD program must hold a Master degree in geology, earth
science or environmental sciences, with strong oral and written
communication skills. Experience or interest in quantitative data analysis
is preferred. The graduate students will be fully funded by research and
teaching assistantships.

Temple University is a comprehensive public research university located in
Philadelphia, PA. Temple University is a dynamic urban university with
around 38,000 students and provides one of the nation’s most comprehensive
and diverse learning environments. Temple is ranked by the National Science
Foundation as among the top 100 universities in the country for research
expenditures. More information about our department is available at
http://www.temple.edu/geology/ .

For more information contact Sujith Ravi, Assistant Professor, Department
of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA (
sravi at temple.edu <sravi at gmail.com>).
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