[ES_JOBS_NET] PhD in Tropical forest fires, climate, remote sensing and models: Lancaster Environment Centre UK, Oct 2016 start

Young, Paul paul.j.young at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Jan 13 13:33:04 MST 2016


More information (including application instructions): http://bit.ly/1SiqlGf

Satellite remote sensing data linked with computer models of the Earth system are becoming progressively more complex, but they do not generally include human behaviours or natural process such as droughts. For example, all mainstream land-use projections follow predetermined emissions pathways and do not account for the fact that forests will respond to the changing environment. In this PhD project, you will address this critical omission.

This project will quantify and predict tropical forest fires by combining remote sensing and climate modelling with control theory and risk modelling, in particular investigating how the reliability of large-scale climate models or data could improve future scenarios tropical forest fire emissions. This will involve incorporating well-established methods and algorithms from generalized linear models, classification trees, generalized additive models and random forest models to predict regional scales of tropical forest fires using climate models or remote sensing products.

Funding Notes
Full studentships (UK/EU tuition fees and stipend (£14,057 2015/16 [tax free])) for UK/EU students for 3.5 years or full studentships (International tuition fees and stipend (£14,057 2015/16 [tax free])) for International students for 3 years.

Deadline: 14th February 2016

Contact: Fernando Espirito-Santo (f.espirito-santo at lancaster.ac.uk<mailto:f.espirito-santo at lancaster.ac.uk>), Jos Barlow (jos.barlow at lancaster.ac.uk<mailto:jos.barlow at lancaster.ac.uk>) or Paul Young (paul.j.young at lancaster.ac.uk<mailto:paul.j.young at lancaster.ac.uk>)
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