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The Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS) at Carnegie Mellon
University seeks multiple postdoctoral researchers to investigate one or
more of the following research topics:

1.  Characterizing at high spatial and temporal resolution air pollutant
concentrations in Pittsburgh and other urban areas targeting near source
and environmental justice locations using traditional measurements, new
low-cost monitors, and research-grade equipment. Evaluating the usefulness
of this information, and communicating risk information to the public based
on imperfect data.

2.  Examination of atmospheric processes that affect ambient concentrations
of PM, ultrafine number, black carbon and other pollutants over
exposure-relevant space- and time-scales in urban and near source
environments, using mobile monitoring with aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS),
single-particle soot photometer (SP2), aerosol size distribution (FMPS),
and other instruments.

3.  Development and evaluation of national- and regional-, and local-scale
highly spatially and temporally resolved exposure models (both land-use
regression, chemical transport modeling) using multiple sets of
measurements, including those listed above, as well as other data as

4.  Chamber experiments characterizing the atmospheric evolution of
chemical composition and optical properties of fire emissions, including
secondary organic aerosol (SOA) and brown carbon (BrC.)

*Anticipated background*: Engineering, atmospheric science, exposure
science, biostatistics. Prior experience in aerosol research is not
essential for some projects, but the applicant should be interested in air
quality and public policy.

*Potentially useful skill sets/abilities*: experience with aerosol and
gas-phase measurements (AMS, CIMS, SP2, TD-GC/MS, PTR-MS, TILDAS, etc.),
mobile air quality measurements (including driving/operating mobile labs),
analysis of large data sets, familiarity with Igor Pro/MATLAB and GIS
software, trouble-shooting equipment, tinkering with electronics, and
written and oral communication. Multiple publications in peer-reviewed
journals are good evidence of writing ability and productivity.

*Expected start date, duration, location*: Spring/summer 2016; 2-3 years.
Primarily Pittsburgh, but some projects include extended field deployments
over multiple weeks in other cities.

*Advisers*: The postdoctoral researchers will primarily work with Albert
Presto, Allen Robinson, and R Subramanian, but CAPS is a highly
collaborative environment. Postdoctoral researchers and graduate students
work closely with each other and with multiple advisers. People with
different backgrounds bring different skill sets to the table, enhancing
creativity and mutual productivity. Collaboration with other CAPS
investigators, non-CAPS CMU researchers including social scientists, and
other universities/organizations is expected. For more information on CAPS,
visit http://www.cmu.edu/particulate-matter/

*Contact*: Applications including a CV, one-page research statement, and
names and contact information of three references should be emailed to
Albert Presto (albert.presto at gmail.com) and R Subramanian (subu at cmu.edu)

*Carnegie Mellon University does not discriminate on the basis of race,
color, national origin, sex, handicap, religion, creed, ancestry, belief,
age, veteran status or sexual orientation.  We are actively interested in
developing the careers of women and under-represented minorities.*

R Subramanian
Environmental Science/Atmospheric Chemistry
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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