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*Job description*

The PhD candidate will participate in a research project that aims to
better understand the role of boreal forest management in the mitigation of
climate change.  He or she will work as part of a multidisciplinary team to
monitor forest management processes that affect the exchange of matter and
energy between the surface and atmosphere, and to improve their
representation in land surface models employed in climate research.  The
candidate will be enrolled in the PhD program at the University in Oslo
(UiO) Department of Geosciences and will receive academic supervision from
Professor Frode Stordal

The position will be mainly based at NIBIO in Ås, Norway, with part of the
time spent at UiO in Oslo, Norway.

*Main duties and responsibilities*

The position-holder will help execute research on the links between forest
management and forest structure and on the physical processes and
mechanisms influencing climate at multiple scales.  He or she will
contribute to the development of routines for integrating Norwegian forest
management into the Community Land Model (CLM) – the land surface model
employed in parallel research projects and in the Norwegian Earth System
Model (NorESM).  Central to his/her responsibilities will be to map
historical and present day distributions of forest cover and structure in
Fennoscandinavia in formats and resolutions compatible with CLM using
information obtained from remote sensing and national forest inventory
systems.  He or she will participate in the design and implementation of
regional climate modeling simulations, in the analyses of their outcomes,
and in the evaluation of the performance of the novel forest management
scheme developed in the project (as implemented in CLM).

Full details are here:

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