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Timo Klein tklein1402 at gmx.de
Fri Feb 19 05:04:05 MST 2016

The Institute for Geophysics and Meteorology, University of Cologne <http://www.geosciences.uni-koeln.de/> (IGMK), Germany, invites applications for a

Research Assistant positions with the opportunity for graduation:
Using radar Doppler spectra to assess the microphysics of Arctic atmospheric models

Detailed project description:

Climate models have significant deficits in predicting the globally above-average temperature increase in the Arctic. A major source for these deficits is due to a lack in capturing Arctic low-level mixed-phase clouds and their related feedback mechanisms with the sea ice and the open ocean. In this project, the PhD candidate will carry out and employ AC3 observations from combined active and passive remote sensing instruments during surface-based, ship-based and airborne flight campaigns. A special focus will be on using cloud radar Doppler spectra for optimally charactering mixed-phase cloud microphysics. This data will be used to evaluate different microphysical schemes in Arctic clouds models of different scales (single column climate model and Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model). For more information contact PD Dr. Ulrich Löhnert: loehnert[at]meteo.uni-koeln.de.

More detailed information can be found in the attached PDF

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