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Molthan, Andrew L. (MSFC-ZP11) andrew.molthan at nasa.gov
Mon Feb 1 08:10:09 MST 2016

ES Jobs List,

Staff at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center have listed several opportunities for summer internships and postdocs at the following locations:

NASA Postdoctoral Program:  http://npp.usra.edu (then ‘Opportunities’, ‘Find Opportunities’, and filter by Center)

New opportunities to highlight include:

“Investigating the Impact of NASA Datasets on Hydrologic Modeling Systems” and

“Application of Synthetic Aperture Radar to Science and Application Problems”

NASA Internship Programs: https://intern.nasa.gov/  (interested candidates will need to register and then look at ‘Student Opportunities’ and ‘Internships’)

Opportunities available in Earth Science at Marshall include investigations with total lightning via lightning mapping arrays, multispectral applications of NASA and other-platform mission data, validation of soil moisture products, and other investigations in partnership with a local mentor.

Andrew Molthan, Ph.D.
Research Meteorologist
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Earth Science Office (ZP11)
NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center
(256) 961-7474

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