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The University of Kentucky Isotope Geochemistry Lab is currently recruiting MS, PhD, and/or Postdoc(s) for fully funded projects in paleoceanography and carbonate diagenesis.  


MS/PhD:  The first/second year project will entail using stable isotopes to look at paleoceanography and sediment properties from Pennsylvanian age cores in West Texas.  This time interval has significant glacial fluctuations, similar to the Pleistocene, at a transition between icehouse and greenhouse climate. This project partners with and will provide significant exposure to the oil industry. If the student is a PhD, options are open for subsequent projects and start-up funding is available to explore new directions.


Postdoc and/or PhD student: This ~2 year project entails stable isotope analysis and geochemical modeling of diagenesis in a paleo-karst formation.  The objective is the determine the current distribution of dolomitization and cementation in this formation, then help generate geochemical predictions of the impact of brine injection. This project will also provide significant oil industry exposure.  


About UK and the Lab: The University of Kentucky Stable Isotope Lab is fully equipped with three IRMS (two Delta Pluses and a MAT 253) and a full suite of peripherals including the EA, TC/EA, gas bench, and Trace GC. Lexington is a great place to live, with a thriving microbrewery scene, excellent bluegrass music, and premier rock climbing within an hour’s drive.  

Contact Dr. Andrea Erhardt (andrea.erhardt at uky.edu <mailto:andrea.erhardt at uky.edu>, www.andreaerhardt.com <http://www.andreaerhardt.com/>) for more information.  Student applications for an autumn start are due by Feb 1 for full consideration.  

Apologies for cross-posting.

Andrea M. Erhardt
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506
andrea.erhardt at uky.edu

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