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Erika Marín-Spiotta marinspiotta at wisc.edu
Tue Dec 6 12:20:28 MST 2016

Dear colleagues,

Please find attached an Outreach Notice that was just posted for a
GS-0408-09/11 Ecologist position is with the USDA Forest Service, Northern
Research Station, Climate, Fire and Carbon Cycle Sciences Research Work
Unit (NRS-06) located at Forestry Sciences Laboratory in Houghton, MI. The
position provides technical assistance to professional research personnel
by accomplishing support of scientific investigations of above and
belowground ecosystem processes. The link is:


The incumbent will provide technical support for Unit research with an
emphasis in the area of soil ecology and ecosystem processes. Support will
include assistance with laboratory, mesocosm, rhizotron and field studies.
Our unit’s primary emphasis is on understanding, mitigating and adapting to
global change. Studies involve a diverse array of topics, including
research on interactions of belowground processes with invasive soil
organisms, changing atmospheric chemistry, and changing climate.  The
incumbent would support research on the processes that control the storage
and turnover of carbon in forest soils as well as the feedbacks between
soil microbial (bacterial and fungal) community structure/function and
environmental change agents.

Applicants should have strong laboratory and field experience and skills,
and an interest in working both indoors and outdoors. She or he should be
capable, with minimal training, of performing:, soil biological, physical
and chemical sampling; lab analyses; data management; and statistical
analysis. Field sampling would include a broad array of activities such as
basic ecosystem aboveground measurements, soil respiration studies, soil
sampling, minirhizotron image capture, macroinvertebrate sampling, soil
moisture sampling using TDR, soil water sampling using lysimeters, and
datalogger management.  Activities would include sample collection and prep
as well as a variety of assays. Laboratory activities include but are not
limited to DNA-based identification methods such as DNA and RNA extraction,
PCR, gel electrophoresis, sequencing; sterile culture techniques;
identification of soil macroinvertebrates; soil particle size and root
system image analysis; PLFA analysis; C/N analysis preparation; and gas

A major responsibility of the incumbent would be the day-to-day maintenance
of our new Rhizotron and Mesocosm facilities. The Rhizotron is a walk-in
tunnel with 24 vertical windows into the soil in which observation,
monitoring, and manipulative experiments take place. The Mesocosm is a
facility with large instrumented containers used in controlled experiments
designed to understand ecosystem response to changes such as warming or
invasive soil organisms.  The incumbent would be responsible for managing
the facility environmental conditions, data collection and management,
sample processing, and coordination of space use in the context of these

The ability to manage and reduce large quantities of environmental and
biological data is essential to the successful fulfillment of duties. In
addition, the incumbent should have a good foundation in statistical
analysis methods. The successful candidate will have strong organizational
and communication (both written and oral) skills, have the ability to take
directions, work as part of a team, be able to work with minimal
supervision, and have excellent interpersonal skills. Motivated candidates
will have opportunities to present and publish research results under the
supervision of a senior scientist.

For more information, or to express interest in the position, use the
optional form in the Outreach Notice, or contact:

Erik Lilleskov, Research Ecologist

USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station

410 MacInnes Drive

Houghton, MI  49931

ph.: 906-482-6303 X22 <%28906%29%20482-6303>;  email: elilleskov at fs.fed.us

Thank you, Erik Lilleskov.

[image: Forest Service Shield]

*Erik A. Lilleskov, PhD Research Ecologist & Director’s Representative*

*Forest Service*

*Northern Research Station; Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Science Work

*p: 906-482-6303 ext 22 <%28906%29%20482-6303> *

*c: 906-231-5820 <%28906%29%20231-5820> *

*f:  906-482-6355 <%28906%29%20482-6355> **elilleskov at fs.fed.us*
<elilleskov at fs.fed.us>

410 MacInnes Dr.

Houghton, MI 49931

[image: http://wwwstatic.fs.usda.gov/images/email/usda-logo.png]
<http://usda.gov/> [image: Twitter Logo] <https://twitter.com/forestservice>
 [image: Facebook Logo] <http://facebook.com/USDA>

*Caring for the land and serving people*
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