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*__*Research Engineer – Wind Energy HPC modeling*_.

*Job Summary*

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL), located at the foothills 
of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado, is the nation’s primary 
laboratory for research and development of renewable energy and energy 
efficiency technologies. NREL is continuing an active research and 
development program for high performance computing of wind turbine and 
wind farm dynamics within the National Wind Technology Center. This R&D 
program has an opening for one full-time Engineer in turbine 
aerodynamics and wind farm modeling research. The engineer researcher 
will perform research with an inter-laboratory team responsible for 
accelerating the development of wind energy technology in the U.S. The 
scope of the research is focused on modeling individual turbines and 
wind farms using high performance computational tools. The research will 
also relate directly to experimental measurements and the development of 
empirical methods for use by industry for turbine and wind farm design.

The research engineer will use and improve NREL high performance 
computing tools for wind turbine aerodynamics and wind farm 
interactions. The researcher will work with NREL researchers and those 
of other laboratories and industry to advance the level of understanding 
of key phenomena regarding atmospheric stability, turbulence, 
vegetation, terrain, structural loading and wake losses within wind 
farms. The researcher may also model unique next generation wind turbine 
aerodynamics using similar high performance computing tools. The 
researcher may use the high performance computing tools to validate and 
improve more computationally efficient models to be used by industry. 
The researcher will also work with other NREL researchers to better 
understand the area of wind farm control.The researcher will develop and 
perform creative new analyses, develop validation experiments to advance 
the state of the art for wind turbine power performance assessments and 
the siting of future wind plants. The researcher will also make 
presentations on project progress to sponsors and reviewers, write 
annual project reports, and publish research results in peer-reviewed 

The positions require experience in engineering or science with a strong 
background in one of the following areas: fluid-structural interactions, 
research-grade computational fluid dynamics, turbulence and turbulence 
modeling, experimental fluid mechanics, mechanical systems dynamics and 
controls, or atmospheric boundary layer science. Knowledge of 
programming languages C++ and FORTRAN and parallel programming are also 
required.  Familiarity with high-performance computing environments is 
required.  It is expected that the applicant have a demonstrated ability 
to disseminate research findings in scholarly journals.


The preferred candidate will have previous modeling and simulation 
experience in wind energy and atmospheric science. Candidates 
withexperimental experiencein atmospheric boundary layer science or wind 
energy field testing are also encouraged to apply.


*Required Education, Experience, and Skills*

Relevant PhD and 4 or more years of experience or equivalent 
Or, relevant Master's Degree and 7 or more years of experience or 
equivalent relevanteducation/experience.
Or, relevant Bachelor's Degree and 9 or more years of experience or 
equivalent relevanteducation/experience.
Applies extensive engineering technical expertise, and has full 
knowledge of other related disciplines. Considered a technical resource.
Demonstrates leadership in several areas of team, task or project lead 
responsibilities. Demonstrated experience in management of projects. 
Excellent writing, interpersonal and communication skills.


*Preferred Qualifications*


*Submission Guidelines*

Please note that in order to be considered an applicant for any position 
at NREL you must submit an application form for each position for which 
you believe you are qualified. Applications are not kept on file for 
future positions. Please include a cover letter and resume with each 
position application.


*EEO Policy*

NREL is dedicated to the principles of equal employment opportunity. 
NREL promotes a work environment that does not discriminate against 
workers or job applicants and prohibits unlawful discrimination on the 
basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, 
marital status, ancestry, actual or perceived sexual orientation, or 
veteran status, including special disabled veterans.

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