[ES_JOBS_NET] Atmospheric Chemistry Postdoctoral Position at MIT: Air Quality Sensing in Hawai‘i

Jesse Kroll jhkroll at mit.edu
Tue Aug 23 12:55:26 MDT 2016

A postdoctoral position in atmospheric chemistry is available in MIT’s 
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering under the supervision 
of Profs. Jesse Kroll and Colette Heald. The researcher will build, 
maintain, and collect data from a novel low-cost air quality sensor 
network on the Island of Hawai‘i (the “Big Island”). This EPA-funded 
project is aimed at measuring “volcanic smog” (“vog”, a mix of SO2 and 
PM) with high spatial and temporal resolution, in order to provide 
improved estimates of community members’ exposure to air pollution. In 
addition to the technical aspects of the project (design and 
implementation of the sensor nodes; characterization, calibration, and 
maintenance; and data collection and interpretation), the position 
includes a considerable community engagement component. Working with 
local partners, the researcher will engage with community members and 
educators in order to maximize the value of the network, and generally 
to better understand how air quality data can best serve as community 
and educational resources.

The researcher will spend approximately six months of each year on the 
Island of Hawai‘i, with the remaining time in Cambridge, MA. The 
position is for three years, with an anticipated start date of January 
1, 2017 (though this start date has some flexibility).

Requirements: a PhD in chemistry, environmental science/engineering, or 
related field; experience in analytical instrumentation; strong 
communication skills; ability to work independently. Specific experience 
in atmospheric chemistry, fieldwork, and community engagement/outreach a 
strong plus.

To apply, please send your cover letter, CV, and list of three 
references to Jesse Kroll, jhkroll at mit.edu, by September 30, 2016.

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