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Date:    Mon, 1 Aug 2016 18:22:33 +0000
From:    Elliott Hazen <elliott.hazen at DUKE.EDU>
Subject: UCSC Project Scientist and Specialist positions (Ecology or

NOAA's Environmental Research Division  in collaboration with UC Santa Cruz=
's Institute of Marine Science is hiring two positions in Monterey, CA to s=
tart as soon as possible and closing on August 29th. Our research interests=
 span oceanography to ecology, particularly how science can be used to sust=
ain healthy marine ecosystems. We are looking for both a PhD and a MSc leve=
l scientist with strong programming and statistical skills for help with on=
going projects analyzing top predator distribution and fisheries data relat=
ive to oceanographic processes. Skills working with remotely sensed or mode=
led oceanographic data (e.g. NetCDFs) and statistics in R or Matlab are hig=
hly preferred.

For the Specialist position, we are looking for someone with a Masters Degr=
ee and interest in scientific programming to support research goals. Please=
 see ad here http://apo.ucsc.edu/academic_employment/jobs/JPF00372-17T.pdf =
and apply here https://recruit.ucsc.edu/apply/JPF00373

For the Project Scientist, we are looking for someone with a PhD (postdoc o=
r beyond) to lead and collaborate on ongoing research projects. Please see =
ad here http://apo.ucsc.edu/academic_employment/jobs/JPF00373-17T.pdf and a=
pply here https://recruit.ucsc.edu/apply/JPF00372

Applications are accepted via the UCSC Academic Recruit online system, and =
must include a letter of application that addresses how you meet the basic =
and preferred qualifications, a curriculum vitae, one to three writing samp=
les (of published material), and the names and contact information for at l=
east three individuals who we could contact for letters of recommendation. =
 Documents/materials must be submitted as PDF files.
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