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Subject: Job Posting- Freshwater Ecologist

WRA, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm headquartered in San=20
Rafael, California, with offices in San Diego, Fort Bragg, and Denver,=20=

Colorado.  For more than 30 years, WRA has provided outstanding=20
ecological and design expertise to develop successful solutions for our=20=

clients.  We employ experts in the fields of plant, wildlife, and=20
wetland ecology, GIS, CEQA/NEPA, mitigation banking, and landscape=20

We are looking for an energetic, career-minded freshwater ecologist to=20=

join us on a full-time basis at either our San Rafael or Oakland office.=20=
Sound technical knowledge and the ability to work both independently and=20=

with a small team are required.  Periodic travel is a requirement of the=20=

position.  We are seeking someone experienced in aquatic bioassessment,=20=

California=92s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP),=20
California fisheries, regulatory permitting, and surveys for one or more=20=

of the following: aquatic invertebrates, freshwater shrimp, salmonids,=20=

delta smelt, and/or California red-legged frog.  Applicants holding=20
active recovery permits and/or MOU=92s for one or more of these taxa, wil=
be preferred.  This position will be varied and may include stream=20
bioassessment, habitat evaluation and mapping, special-status species=20
surveys, environmental compliance (CEQA, permitting), mitigation and=20
conservation planning and monitoring, data/statistical analyses, and=20
technical report writing.  Experience in these areas is preferred, but=20=

not required.

This position requires a Bachelor=92s degree or higher in biology with an=
emphasis in aquatic ecology, fisheries, or wildlife.  Minimum of 5+=20
demonstrated years of experience in the field of aquatic or fisheries=20
ecology.  Desired qualifications include: education and experience in=20
stream habitat evaluation and monitoring, fish and invertebrate=20
identification and survey methodologies, hydrology or geomorphology=20
survey experience, environmental impact analysis, permit preparation,=20
regulatory compliance, client interface, and impact and mitigation=20
analysis.  Demonstrable technical writing ability and excellent=20
communication skills are essential.=20

We offer an excellent salary and benefits package and a positive,=20
progressive work environment.  Our employment package includes medical,=20=

dental, and 401K with generous match.  More information about WRA and=20
our areas of expertise can be found at http://www.wra-ca.com.=20

Interested candidates should respond by e-mailing your employment=20
application (found on our website), cover letter, resume, transcripts,=20=

and three references to careers at wra-ca.com and reference =93Freshwater=20=

Ecologist.=94  Please also reference where you heard about the position.=20=
WRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women and minorities are strongly=20=

encouraged to apply.  Close date for submission of application materials=20=

is April 20, 2016.  Please, no calls.
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