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Position Summary
Boise State University, powered by creativity and innovation, stands uniq=
uely positioned in the Northwest as a metropolitan=20
research university of distinction.  The Lab for Ecohydrology and Alterna=
tive Futuring (LEAF) and Boise Center Aerospace=20
Laboratory (BCAL) have an exciting opportunity for a Postdoctoral Fellow =
in Ecosystem Modeling. We seek a highly motivated=20
individual with doctoral training in Biophysical Modeling and an interest=
 in integrating management actions into ecosystem=20
models. The Postdoctoral Fellow will have the opportunity to interface wi=
th the new Human-Environment Systems Initiative in the=20
College of Innovation and Design (CID) at Boise State University, USGS Fo=
rest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (FRESC),=20
and other collaborators. Funding from NASA and the Joint Fire Science Pro=
gram supports the position. The primary goals of these=20
projects are to apply dynamic vegetation models in semiarid and water-lim=
ited systems to answer the following science questions:=20
How will climate change alter vegetation communities and structure? How w=
ill fire regimes and fuels change in the Intermountain=20
West? What uncertainty levels exist in these predictions? How do fuel red=
uctions and seeding treatments potentially affect=20
future vegetation communities? The Postdoctoral Fellow will pursue advanc=
es in fundamental understanding of terrestrial=20
ecosystems through model-data synthesis activities making use of tools an=
d data such as the ecosystem demography models (e.g.=20
ED, ED2), remotely sensed data at both fine (lidar, hyperspectral) and co=
arse (global satellite) scales, field experimental plot=20
data, a long-term, high-resolution regional hydrometeorological reanalysi=
s dataset produced with the Weather and Research=20
Forecasting (WRF) model, and data fusion and data assimilation methods.

Minimum Qualifications
=95=09PhD in Earth System Science, Ecology, Applied Math, Physics or rela=
ted disciplines=20
=95=09Strong quantitative background and experience in modeling and stati=
=95=09Demonstrated ability to design, conduct, and publish research relat=
ed to ecosystem modeling
=95=09Excellent written and oral communication skills
=95=09Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills necessary for w=
orking in a multidisciplinary research team
=95=09Programming experience

Preferred Qualifications
=95=09Experience with ED or other vegetation dynamics or land models
=95=09Experience with lidar and hyperspectral remote sensing=20
=95=09Expertise with scientific programming languages for data analysis s=
uch as MATLAB, Python, or R

The position begins December 1, 2015. The position is a yearly appointmen=
t with potential funding and renewal for up to 2 or 3=20
years. Applicants should send as one compiled document: 1) CV; 2) one-pag=
e statement of research interests; 3) up to three=20
publications and 4) contact information for three references. Please send=
 to Nancy Glenn, nancyglenn at boisestate.edu.=20

Additional Information
University:  http://www.boisestate.edu/
City of Boise:  http://www.boisechamber.org/
LEAF: http://leaf.boisestate.edu/
BCAL: http://bcal.boisestate.edu/
HES: hes.boisestate.edu
CID: http://cid.boisestate.edu/
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