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Subject: Research Ecologist/Forester position posted on usajobs.gov

The US Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station Fire & Fuels=
program is seeking a new fire ecology research scientist (permanent full=20=

time position).  The job is posted on USAJOBS.gov; applications will be=20=

accepted there until September 28, 2015.  The position will be filled as =
GS-12 Research Ecologist or Research Forester, depending on the applicant=
qualifications, and may be located in  Redding, Davis or Placerville,=20
California (one position only).=20=20

Job announcement number:  15-RES-119808DP-PR.=20=20
Weblink: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/415704700

  Please share this information widely with anyone you know who may be=20=

interested in the position.=20=20

Some information about the position from the usajobs.gov announcement:

This position is located at one of the USDA Forest Service, Pacific=20
Southwest Research Station locations, in either Redding, Davis or=20
Placerville, California. The position serves as a Research Ecologist or=20=

Research Forester in the Fire and Fuels Program on the Environmental Fire=
Science team.
The scientist is responsible for developing research projects in line wit=
Program problem areas. Areas of study that are particularly sought includ=
interactions between fuels, topography and weather in controlling fire=20=

behavior and fire effects in complex landscapes of the western U.S.;=20
efficacy of fuel treatments and post wildfire treatments in altering futu=
fire behavior and effects; evaluation of different fire management=20
approaches; how forest management practices or climate change has affecte=
forest resilience and approaches for restoring more resilient forest=20
conditions; and fire-climate relationships.=20

The scientist=92s research program will ideally focus on studies at the=20=

landscape-scale, or at least have applicability at the landscape scale.=20=

Familiarity with GIS, remote sensing products (e.g. LandSat, MODIS, LiDAR=
modeling approaches, and interest in incorporating such tools in research=
to further our understanding of fire-related phenomena is needed.=20
Ultimately research results will contribute to development of management=20=

decisions and the formulation of support tools or models intended to assi=
The research task includes designing experiments, collecting field and=20=

other data, analysis of data using statistics and other mathematical=20
approaches, reporting findings in peer-reviewed journals, and participati=
in outreach efforts to communicate results to managers and policy-makers.=

The scientist will be part of the Environmental Fire Science team in the=20=

Fire and Fuels Program of the Pacific Southwest Research Station. The=20
mission of the Fire and Fuels Program is to produce science that will hel=
improve management actions intended to enhance resiliency and=20
sustainability of ecosystems affected by fire and reduce the potential fo=
adverse or uncharacteristic effects resulting from wildland fire.=20

Research conducted by the Fire and Fuels program provides scientific=20
knowledge and applications to land managers, policy makers, other=20
scientists, land owners, and communities. Scientifically defensible fores=
management strategies that restore resilience, improve ecological=20
conditions and enhance ecosystem services such as biodiversity, air and=20=

water quality, and stable carbon storage are needed.
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