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*Subject:* PhD student opportunity: Biogeochemistry and Hydrogeophysics at
the Stream-groundwater Interface

Dear colleagues,

Please share this PhD student opportunity with appropriate colleagues and
students. I appreciate your help. Brief announcement text appended below
signature and in attached PDF.

Thank you,


Jay P. Zarnetske
Assistant Professor
Department of Geological Sciences
308 Natural Science Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA

jpz at cns.msu.edu


*PhD student position available: Biogeochemistry and Hydrogeophysics at the
Stream-groundwater Interface *

*Funded Position Available: *

We are currently recruiting for a PhD student to work on a 3 year
NSF-funded project to investigate the biogeochemical function of stream
sediments. This student will be based at Michigan State University with Dr.
Jay Zarnetske, and will work closely with another student starting soon at
the University of Connecticut with Drs. Martin Briggs and Fred Day-Lewis;
both students will have the opportunity to work with Drs. Kamini Singha
(Colorado School of Mines) and Jud Harvey (USGS). The MSU student will
focus on reactive nitrogen experimentation and modeling in stream
sediments, while the UConn student will focus on geophysical evaluations
and models of stream sediments. There will be much overlap and combined
lab/field efforts between research groups. Start date is flexible in 2016.

Interested students should contact Dr. Jay Zarnetske (jpz at cns.msu.edu ) to
discuss the details of the project and graduate school application
procedures. Contact should be made as soon as possible and preferably
before November 15, 2015. MSU application deadline is December 1, 2015.

Additional information on this project and the research group is available
here: www.msu.edu/~jpz  and

*Rebecca Barnes*
Assistant Professor
Environmental Program
Colorado College
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