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Good afternoon,
We are just about to start evaluating applications for our newest tenure track job here in my ESRM Program  Owing to my absence, we will be waiting a few more days before we start our initial application evaluations.
Please do consider passing this along to any students you have that might be interested in a faculty job here at CSUCI.  Our initial requirements to apply to the position are minimal: a cover letter, CV, and a few brief questions (papers, letters of rec, etc. all come at a later stage).  We will start reviewing these initial applications this coming Monday.
Please see our brief videos about our position here<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzXtUny5G2I>, here<https://youtu.be/2Q4VdGHfiBs> & here<https://youtu.be/se8jPfOyvsQ>.

Position Description:
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management Program
California State University Channel Islands
            CSU Channel Islands invites applicants for the position of Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM).  Our ESRM Program seeks an energetic, creative colleague interested in making substantial contributions to our rapidly expanding program.  Prospective candidates should have a strong record of teaching, research, and service (or be able to provide strong evidence of their promise in each of those areas).  We are hiring broadly but are particularly interested in candidates with the following disciplinary interests: environmental policy, sustainability science, and the ability to integrate these with geographic information science.  More important than specific disciplinary interests are the candidate’s broader qualifications.  The prospective candidate should have strong methodological skills with experience or substantial interest in developing community-based research.  CSU Channel Islands promotes interdisciplinary inquiry, community engagement, service learning, and an international focus; candidates are expected to share those commitments.  A Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Conservation Biology, Environmental Policy or a closely related field is required by time of appointment.

For more info about our program or campus, see our GoogleDoc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zazna8FciIiSujJlMPbCkGudEuxLWt8XNw8Khs2d5Vc/edit?usp=sharing
For additional information and to apply please visit:

Thank you,

Sean Anderson

Please note: I am in the field with inconsistent internet until mid August.  I may therefore be unable to respond to a subsequent e-mail in a timely manner.

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