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Associate Scientist II

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Job Description

    *PLEASE NOTE: *This is a new full-time position.  Initial
    consideration will be given to applications received prior to 4:00
    p.m. on Friday, October 16, 2015.  Thereafter, applications will be
    reviewed on an as-needed basis.

    NCAR – Atmospheric Chemistry Observations and Modeling – Satellite
    and Remote Sensing

    Relocation benefits not provided

    UCAR will not sponsor a work visa to fill this position



    This scientist will participate in ongoing group research using data
    derived from the current ground-based remote sensing observation
    program at the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition
    Change (NDACC) sites at Mauna Loa, Hawaii and Thule, Greenland. The
    primary role will be the retrieval of atmospheric constituent
    profiles from the infrared spectra recorded from both these sites.
    They will perform analyses on these data by determining long-term
    trends and understanding cyclical and anomalous features of the
    trace and greenhouse gas datasets. They will work in conjunction
    with the group to combine and analyze these data along with data
    from other NDACC sites, satellite sensors and modeled data.


      * Aid in analysis of retrieved data products; including any and
        all profiles and columns of trace and greenhouse species and
        temperature retrievals. This may include comparisons with other
        available data such as satellite observations and coincident
        ground-based and aircraft observations as well as modeled data
        fields. Work closely within the group, colleagues at NCAR, the
        NDACC and wider community to investigate long-term trends,
        cyclical and anomalous features in these chemical constituent
        records and interpret these in view of changing anthropogenic
        activities and a changing climate.
      * Using existing spectral analysis tools, perform profile
        retrievals for trace and greenhouse atmospheric species.
        Continue dataflow processing by implementing error analyses
        through generation of deliverables for the NDACC archive where
        they are available to the wider atmospheric science community.
      * Contribute to ancillary ongoing and new group research priorities.
      * Identify and implement improvements to data processing and
        analysis techniques to advance the project goals.
      * Communicate the results of research through publication in
        peer-reviewed journals, meeting proceedings, and presentations
        at scientific meetings.



    Education and Experience:

      * Bachelor's (or equivalent) degree in atmospheric science or
        related field with 2-3 years’ experience as an Associate
        Scientist I (or equivalent position) or additional education (as
        in a program leading to a Master’s Degree).
      * Experience in atmospheric sciences with emphasis in more than
        one of the following:

        *   atmospheric chemical constituents,

        *   infrared remote sensing,

        *   analysis of high resolution infrared absorption spectra,

        *   trend analysis of geophysical quantities,

        *   comparison or validation of remotely sensed data from
    multiple sensors and modeled data fields.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

      * Working knowledge of atmospheric chemistry and transport.
      * Working knowledge of the theory of infrared absorption by
        atmospheric gases.
      * Working knowledge of the operation of high resolution Fourier
        transform spectrometers for recording solar infrared absorption
        spectra of the Earth’s atmosphere.
      * Ability to manage moderate to large datasets; create and manage
        multiple data products through a multi-step workflow in a highly
        organized fashion to produce homogeneous data products and
        maintain documented procedure logs.
      * Solve problems using innovative mathematical and statistical
      * Ability to participate and interact productively with our and
        other research groups.
      * Strong skills in written and oral communication of research results.
      * Strong skills in UNIX, Python and IDL
      * Working knowledge of FORTRAN and C.
      * Ability to work effectively individually and as part of a
        diverse team.

    Decision Making and Problem Solving:

      * Determine research priorities in consultation with supervisor.
      * Organize and prioritize multiple tasks with minimal supervision.
      * Solve problems using innovative mathematical and statistical
      * Understand and implement multistep data processing on large
        datasets to create homogeneous data products.
      * Ability and interest in detecting problems and implementing
        improvements to data processing.

    The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an
    *equal opportunity employer*
    We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color,
    religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status,
    sexual orientation, domestic partner status, disability, or veteran

Job Location
    Boulder, Colorado, United States
Position Type

Appointment Type
Term Full-Time (T1)
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