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Ph.D. Opportunities in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology

As part of an expanding Terrestrial Paleoclimatology Research Group in the Dept. of Geology at Baylor University PhD studentships are available starting in August, 2016. Currently, there are eight faculty in this group (http://www.baylor.edu/geology/index.php?id=64481) with broad expertise in paleopedology, sequence stratigraphy/sedimentology, paleobotany, organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry, isotope geochemistry, geomorphology, geochronology, and Quaternary environments focused on forwarding paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions, including deep-time.   Existing research projects represent an exciting opportunity to join an internationally established research group addressing issues of global importance such as extreme climate variability, the associated response of lacustrine and hydrologic systems, ecological changes, carbon cycling, hominid evolution and elucidating the record and forcings for continental-scale climate variability.

Candidates should have at least an undergraduate degree in geology or geophysics, or in a related area, with demonstrated numerical and scholarly capacity; and a propensity for field and laboratory work.

Further information about the Dept. of Geology PhD program is found at http://www.baylor.edu/geology/index.php?id=62331. Application deadline is January 15, 2016.

For further details contact Prof. Steven Driese (Steven_Driese at baylor.edu<mailto:Steven_Driese at baylor.edu>), Geology Graduate Program Director.

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