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Jaime Toney Jaime.Toney at glasgow.ac.uk
Mon Nov 30 02:26:49 MST 2015

Greetings All!

My research group, Biomarkers for Environmental and Climate Science (BECS) at the University of Glasgow is currently advertising two fully funded PhD projects. Please pass this on to qualified candidates (UK & EU Citizens):

1. ERC- funded ALKENoNE project:
Recording high-resolution changes in temperature and hydrology from the Canadian Prairie
The aim of this project is use multiproxy biomarker evidence of past environmental changes over the last ~10,000 years to characterize known climatic events such as the 8.2 event, Holocene thermal optimum, the Medieval Warm Period (~900-1200 AD), the Little Ice Age (~1500-1800 AD), and the Dust Bowl Drought (1930’s AD) to determine the links between these events and to global climate drivers. For more information visit the link below, and see attached .pdf:

2. NERC-funded project:
Reconstructing interglacial terrestrial climate variability & ecosystem response across MIS 19 (~790ka) from Stoneman Lake, Arizona
The aim of this project is to reconstruct short-term and long-term climate trends across Marine Isotope Stage 19 (MIS 19) as an analogue for modern drought conditions. MIS 19 is a past interglacial period with an orbital configuration similar to the current interglacial (the Holocene). MIS 19 is represented in the Stoneman Lake core as a period of rapid sediment accumulation with evident laminations.
The successful PhD candidate will use multiproxy biomarker and palaeoecological techniques to reconstruct temperature, hydrological and ecological responses to climate drivers. He/she will work with a diverse range international project partners who have a wide range of expertise (e.g., R. Scott Anderson – palynology, Northern Arizona University; Peter Fawcett – sedimentology & stable isotope geochemistry, Uni. of New Mexico; Gonzalo Jimenez-Moreno – paleoecology, Uni. of Granada). The networks established during the course of this PhD project represent a unique opportunity to establish an international reputation and develop an unprecedented understanding of terrestrial response during MIS 19.



Jaime L Toney
Senior Lecturer in Organic Geochemistry
University of Glasgow
Geographical & Earth Sciences
G12 8QQ
Office: +44 (0)141 330 6864
Email: jaime.toney at glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:jaime.toney at glasgow.ac.uk>
University Website: http://www.gla.ac.uk/schools/ges/staff/jaimetoney/
BECS Website: http://environmentalbiomarkers.co.uk
Twitter: @BECS_Biomarkers

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