[ES_JOBS_NET] MS and PhD positions in Earth Surface Processes at the University of Kansas

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Date:    Wed, 18 Nov 2015 14:37:30 +0000
From:    "Sullivan, Pamela Lee" <plsullivan at KU.EDU>
Subject: MS and PhD positions in Earth Surface Processes at the University
of Kansas

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider passing this announcement along to qualified students.


MS and PhD positions in Earth Surface Processes
The University of Kansas (KU) Department of Geography and Atmospheric Scien=
ce is soliciting applications for qualified MS and PhD students in Earth Su=
rface Processes (i.e., Critical Zone Science). We are seeking students inte=
rested in elucidating: 1) plant-soil-atmosphere interactions, 2) soil forma=
tion processes and resultant emergence of hydraulic properties, 3) groundwa=
ter-surface water interactions, and 4) geomorphic evolution. At KU we foste=
r interdisciplinary research, and will support students to integrate field =
observations, isotope geochemistry, remotely sensed observations and modell=
ing (e.g., climate, hydrologic, reactive transport). Please contact us with=
 questions or send a CV and short letter of interest.

Deadline for submission is January 15th.

Department of Geography and Atmospheric Science (https://geog.ku.edu/):

     Dr. Pamela L. Sullivan, Ecohydrology and Aqueous/Soil Geochemistry
www.faculty.ku.edu/~plsullivan/ <http://www.faculty.ku.edu/%7Eplsullivan/><
plsullivan at ku.edu<mailto:plsullivan at ku.edu>

      Dr. Daniel Hirmas, Quantitative Pedology/ Soil Geomorphology
hirmas at ku.edu<mailto:hirmas at ku.edu>

     Dr. Nathaniel Brunsell, Biometeorology and Land-Atmosphere Intera=
brunsell at ku.edu<mailto:brunsell at ku.edu>

      Dr. William Johnson, Geomorphology
 wcj at ku.edu<mailto:wcj at ku.edu>

      Dr. Cornelis van der Veen, Glaciology
cjvdv at ku.edu<mailto:cjvdv at ku.edu>

We also work in tandem with a diverse, interdisciplinary faculty from the D=
epartment of Geology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, as well as scientis=
ts from the Kansas Biological Survey and the Kansas Geological Survey.
The University of Kansas is a tier 1, public, international research univer=
sity. Our mission is to lift students and society by educating leaders, bui=
lding healthy communities, and making discoveries that will change the worl=
d. The =93KU Water Research=94 community at KU includes not only scientists=
 and engineers, but faculty, students and staff in the humanities, arts, so=
cial sciences, and education (https://water.ku.edu/), with a goal of synerg=
istic learning and discovery in water-related research and creative express=
The University of Kansas is an equal-opportunity/ affirmative-action employ=
er. The University encourages applications from underrepresented group memb=
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