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FYI Undergraduate Scholarships from USRA

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Subject: USRA Scholarship Awards

USRA Institute and Program Directors,

Please help spread the word about the 2015 USRA Undergraduate Scholarship Awards.   Applications are now being accepted from undergraduates who have shown a career interest in science or engineering with an emphasis on space research or space science education.

Information and the online application form are available at http://www.usra.edu/about/outreach/scholarship

Please pass this information along to your colleagues at Universities and those with University connections.  These Scholarship Awards are open to all qualified US undergraduates, and we are particularly interested in reaching applicants from minority and underserved populations.

Three Scholarship Awards have been established to honor individuals who have made specific contributions to science and the US Space Program.  A fourth Scholarship Award, recently re-named in memory of USRA President Frederick A. Tarantino, broadly supports undergraduate science and engineering education.

Up to four Scholarship Awards are available in amounts of $2000 annually.  Awards are made to undergraduate students who will be juniors or seniors in the fall.  Awards are for one year only, but recipients may re-apply for a second year.  All scholarship awards will be paid directly to the recipients.

Applications for Fall 2015 Awards will be accepted up until July 31, 2015.

Attached to this message is flyer which you can distribute and/or post.

Thank you!

Dr. James Lochner
Director, University Communications and Engagement
Universities Space Research Association

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