[ES_JOBS_NET] Fwd: Attractive NASA Science Comm Internship open, but deadline looms next week

Dorea Reeser doreareeser at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 13:21:02 MDT 2015

A fantastic opportunity for students interested in getting experience in
multimedia & communications at NASA. There are also openings in other
divisions at NASA. I am told that this opportunity is only available every
2 or 3 years.

All the best,
Dorea Reeser, Ph.D.

Founder | Chemicals Are Your Friends <http://chemicalsareyourfriends.com/>
Host and Producer | The Collapsed Wavefunction

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From: Sisler, Wade E. (GSFC-1300) <wade.e.sisler at nasa.gov>
Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 12:56 AM
Subject: Attractive NASA Science Comm Internship open, but deadline looms
next week
To: "Sisler, Wade E. (GSFC-1300)" <wade.e.sisler at nasa.gov>

 Hello everyone --

This message is going out to our broad “opportunities" list of professors,
students, and colleagues who have expressed interest in hearing
about opportunities in our newsroom and multimedia programs.

I wanted to let you know about a pair of rare student opportunities for
your student as part of our “Pathways Program”.  The Pathways positions are
incredibly flexible, provide opportunities for multi-session internships or
long-term work study arrangements, and may provide higher than usual
student wages.

Note this program has a very rapidly approaching deadline – March 18, 2015
and you do need to be a student to be eligible.  If you have students,
colleagues who might benefit from a work study program at NASA’s leading
center, please pass along ASAP.

Wade Sisler
Executive Producer
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA Science Communications and Multimedia Internship

*Location:*   NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD
Dates:   Start Date August 2915, but flexible
Stipend:   31-61k / year
Eligibility:   Graduate and undergraduate students.  Must be in or between
matriculated programs
Deadline:   March 18, 2015
Salary Range: 31k-61k
Apply:  http://goo.gl/733fIf


General position description: NASA invites students working towards degrees
in journalism, communications, media relations, science
writing, interactive media, or broadcast journalism, to participate in our
science storytelling program - before you graduate. You'll gain on the
job experience as you work with a leading team of writers and multimedia
producers to create and share content from some of NASA's
most exciting missions: mind-blowing results from the Hubble Space
Telescope; breaking solar storm news and the emerging field of space
weather; new views of the moon from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter; and
stories of our changing planet from NASA's Earth observing fleet of
satellites. Our internships are designed to give students broad exposure to
the many moving parts of our busy newsroom. Students wishing to explore
the intersection between print, web, broadcast journalism and social media
environments are particularly encouraged to apply.

Duties: Writing, editing, pitching, recording, creating, crunching,
captioning, surfing, shooting, feeding, porting, posting, designing,
updating, networking, texting, tweeting, tracking, designing, building,
playing, mashing, and exploring. Students will service as reporters and
will collaborate on sophisticated communications campaigns as they create
signature content such as web features, press releases,
newsletter articles, press conferences, media interviews, social media
events, satellite media tours, and video news releases.

About the Pathways Program:  The NASA Pathways Intern Program provides
students with the opportunity to explore NASA careers and gain meaningful
developmental work experience. The Goddard Space Flight Center Pathways
Intern Program uses a cooperative education model, which is a work/study
program in which you can gain valuable work experience that relates to your
chosen field of study while completing your degree requirements.

How to Apply:   One of the unusual things about this position is it is
actually a federal position and requires application through USA jobs.
You basically fill out an online form and attach your resume.  These slots
are listed as “business student trainee" and are part of a group of
student positions.  Note detailed descriptions of the work are not posted
on the site.  To apply, follow the link, carefully check out the
requirements (e.g. must maintain GPA of 2.9 on 4.0 scale), fill out the
online form and upload your resume.  For best consideration, please make
sure to include links to work samples.  Once you have your resume updated,
give yourself at least a couple of hours to navigate the site and fill out
the application.  Don’t wait till the last minute.


Additional Opportunities:  Note we have two additional fall internships
opening managed by our OSSI education office with essentially
identical positions descriptions. Information coming soon on these
programs.  If you wish to be removed from the list, just reply to this
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