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Subject: 3 GS-15 Program Coordinator Positions - USGS Ecosystems Mission
Area HQ, Reston, VA

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A vacancy announcement is now posted for three Program Coordinator (PC)
positions within the Ecosystems Mission Area HQ Office in Reston, VA.  We
will be filling the following GS-401-15 positions through one combined

PC Fish and Wildlife
PC Landscape Science
PC Invasives and Disease

The primary role of these positions will be to work with the Associate
Director and Deputy Associate Director to set scientific direction for the
Ecosystems Mission Area and develop full-cycle strategies to sustain and
grow program within the appropriations process.  We are particularly
interested in people who have skill and interest in working with OMB and
Congress to prepare, explain, and defend our budget.

The positions will be open through July 16 to all sources.  Please
circulate as widely as possible and direct any questions to me.

Thank you for your assistance.

William Lellis
Deputy Associate Director, Ecosystems
U.S. Geological Survey
12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, MS-300
Reston, VA 20192
Office: 703-648-4061
Cell: 571-425-0307
wlellis at usgs.gov

*Biologist, GS-0401-15 *
*ATL-2015-0986 (Merit Promotion)*
*Open date:  06/26/15*

*Close date:  07/17/15*

*Biologist, GS-0401-15ATL-2015-0988 (DEU-open all sources)Open date:
 06/26/15Close date:
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