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Autumn Oczkowski


Atlantic Ecology Division

27 Tarzwell Dr.

Narragansett, RI  02882

P: 401-782-9677

F: 401-782-3030

  *Project number:*AD-AED-06-15-2015-05*Lab/Center/Office:*NATIONAL HEALTH
*Branch:*HABITATS EFFECT BRANCH *Brief description of research
to be performed will address critical priorities to characterize the
co-occurring impacts of climate change and wastewater discharges on the
sustainable delivery of ecosystem services and health of communities.
Research will focus on the San Juan Bay Estuary, where whole-system dynamic
simulation models will be developed to examine the effects of climate
change (e.g. accelerated sea level rise, increasing storm frequency and
intensity) in modifying the impacts of co-occurring stressors (e.g.
wastewater discharges, nitrogen loading) on key ecosystem services (e.g.
flood abatement, contaminant processing, carbon sequestration) and human
health endpoints (e.g., water-borne diseases) to support community
development of climate adaptive strategies. Approaches to the development
of the dynamic simulation models and recommendations will be transferable
to other communities subject to similar co-stressors of wastewater nitrogen
and climate change in the US. Research may include: i) contact with key
stakeholders and collaborators (e.g. local and federal health and
ecological scientists, territorial government agencies, citizens, NGOs) to
characterize key issues, information needs and availability; ii) review of
existing wastewater reports, climate change reports, mangrove and estuarine
systems models; iii) integrate available information, data, and models into
a whole-system dynamic simulation model to predict effects of wastewater
discharges on ecosystem services and human health under alternative climate
change and adaptation scenarios; iv) investigate disparate impacts on
vulnerable populations including children and impoverished communities; v)
in concert with stakeholders and collaborators, develop restoration and
climate adaptive recommendations for improving coastal resiliency of the
San Juan Bay estuary, supported by simulation models and scenario
location of position:*Narragansett, RI*High priority research
and integration of dynamic system level models that investigate impacts of
co-occurring stressors of climate change and wastewater discharge on
ecosystem services (e.g., water quality, flood abatement, carbon
sequestration) and human health (e.g., water-borne illnesses).*Scientific
project area:*Environmental Sustainability/Sustainability Systems
Modeling/Social Sciences*Educational requirements:*Ph.D. in Ecosystem
Science, Ecology, Mathematics, Public Health, Public Policy, Epidemiology,
Statistics, Socioeconomics, or a related field.*Specialized training and/or
experience preferred:*Experience developing and applying dynamic system
level models to conduct scenario testing (e.g., responses to climate
change, wastewater, or other stressors); managing and manipulating
ecological and human health data sets (e.g., water quality, environmental
exposure, climate change, mangrove and estuarine ecosystems), including
geospatial data; Experience with modeling software and quantitative
analyses, for example in STELLA, R, GIS, Visual Studio, Netica, Matlab, or
similar.*Projected duration of appointment:*3 years*Paid relocation to EPA
work location:*Yes*Application Period Open Date:*Jun 15, 2015*Application
Period Close Date:*Jul 20, 2015*Scientific contact/Principal
Investigator(s)*:*Cathleen Wigand, wigand.cathleen at epa.gov,
Susan Yee, yee.susan at epa.gov, 850-934-9397
Autumn Oczkowski, oczkowski.autumn at epa.gov, 401-782-9677
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