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Subject: Graduate Assistantship - High Resolution Remote Sensing

2-Year Graduate Research Assistantship (High Resolution Remote Sensing)=20=

with Department of Geography and Planning at Appalachian State=20

Appalachian State University (ASU) and the Department of Geography and=20=

Planning is recruiting a highly qualified graduate student who is=20
interested in pursuing a Master=92s program in Geography that focuses on=20=

high resolution remote sensing of vegetation in the western US. Graduate=20=

research assistant (RA) support is available through a Graduate Research=20=

Assistant Mentoring (GRAM) program sponsored by the Cratis D. Williams=20=

School of Graduate Studies at ASU. The RA is for two academic years,=20
with a stipend each year of $12,000 for a 20-hour/week appointment.=20=20=

Additional travel funds are available for projects that involve field=20
sampling. The position will support a currently funded NASA Terrestrial=20=

Ecology grant on scalable vegetation structure for ecosystem modeling in=20=

the western US. Specific opportunities include hyperspectral and lidar=20=

image processing, field data collection, geospatial programming,=20
ecological modeling and project outreach through interactions with=20
students and faculty at collaborating universities (Boise State=20
University and University California Davis) and NASA personnel.=20=20

If interested, please send a brief statement summarizing your interest=20=

and motivation for graduate study and a CV to Jessica Mitchell:=20
mitchelljj at appdstate.edu. Applications are still being accepted for=20
admission to the graduate program of the Department of Geography and=20
Planning for Fall 2015.
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