[ES_JOBS_NET] ORISE post-doc opportunity on reactive nitrogen

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Subject: ORISE post-doc opportunity on reactive nitrogen

Dear Colleagues,

EPA is advertising a new PhD level ORISE opportunity in the EPA=92s Offic=
e of
Research and Development, National Center for Environmental Assessment. T=
will involve collaboration with various federal agencies and researchers =
assess and analyze research efforts focused on reactive nitrogen (Nr). Th=
will involve an interdisciplinary team including researchers in ecology,
atmospheric sciences, agriculture, hydrology, and economics, among others=
to synthesize our understanding of Nr in the U.S. and promote its
sustainable management. Motivation for this opportunity partially stemmed=

from a multi-agency workshop in June 2014, the abstract of which is copie=
below. There will also be opportunities for individual research projects
focused on a variety of topics, including critical loads of atmospheric
deposition, climate change impacts and adaptation, interactions between
carbon and nitrogen cycles, urban ecology, and quantification of ecosyste=
services, depending on area of expertise and interest.=20

Please forward to any persons, groups, etc. that you think would be usefu=
to solicit to find a strong candidate for this opportunity.=20

ORISE url: http://orise.orau.gov/epa/applicants/description.aspx?JobId=3D=

Abstract: In June 2014, scientists and managers from government, academia=
NGOs and the private sector came together to review the science and
management related to reactive nitrogen and co-pollutants (e.g. phosphoru=
sulfur) across the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), U.S. Geological=

Survey (USGS) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The purpos=
of the meeting was to develop a collaborative research and management
partnership between USDA, USGS and EPA, in order to promote sustainable
management of reactive nitrogen.  Achieving our common goals of improving=

air and water quality, food security, and human health and welfare will
require coordination of research, policies and management across a variet=
of Federal agencies, and this workshop identified a number of key areas o=
future coordination.  An outcome of this meeting is the formation of a
collaborative relationship between EPA, USGS and USDA that advances react=
N research to inform science based management, improves communications, a=
recommends alternative approaches to managing N in an integrated framewor=

Please contact Dr. Chris Clark for more information: clark.christopher at ep=

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