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New Jersey Scholars Program 2015


The New Jersey Scholars Program offers one summer teaching position in 
the discipline of SCIENCE as we study the field of climate change.

The students in the program are 39 gifted, highly motivated high school 
students who have completed their junior year.  This summers program 
will focus on the dynamics of how climate changed comes about, how it 
affects society and the impact of public policy on this issue.  This 
course aims to address the whole complexity of climate changed as an 
issue, by bringing together the science, impacts, economics, abatement 
technologies, and policy solutions into one course.  Through this 
course, we will address several important questions.  What is the 
scientific basis for our understanding of climate change, and in what 
ways is that scientific basis uncertain?  What changes in climate might 
we expect over the coming centuries? What would be the impacts of these 
changes in climate for human well-being and the natural world?  What are 
the sources of emissions of greenhouse gases?  What technologies exist 
or might be developed to allow us to slow climate change, and what 
international policy solutions might be necessary or preferred? This 
summers program will focus on the complexities of climate change the 
scientific basis and uncertainties about our understanding of it, how it 
affects society and the impact of public policy on this issue.  This is 
an inter-disciplinary program and will include the disciplines of 
history/economics, anthropology and sociology, science and literature.  
The program runs from June 28 through July 31 and is located at The 
Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  The teacher in this 
position will give five lectures (each 90 minutes in length) and will 
teach 9 seminar topics (each to three smaller seminar groups, 90 minutes 
in length).  Some out of classroom duties are also involved.  Payment is 
$4,000.00.  Room and board is provided.  Veteran teachers have said that 
participation in this program gave them the most exciting teaching 
experience of their careers.

Please contact John Sauerman, Director of the New Jersey Scholars 
Program via e-mail if you have any questions.  Actual applications will 
need a resume and recommendation sources and should be sent via e-mail 
or to the mail address below.

Contact Information:

E-mail: jsauerman at lawrenceville.org

Fax: (609) 620-6085

John Sauerman

New Jersey Scholars Program

The Lawrenceville School

2500 Main Street

Lawrenceville, NJ  08648

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