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Post Masters RA - Integrated Modeling & Energy (Emissions Data System)


Job Description

The Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI) in College Park, MD 
seeks a Post Masters Associate to take a leading role in the development 
of a new system for estimating and analyzing trends in historical 
pollutant emissions. The candidate may also contribute to research in 
energy system modeling, energy technology analysis, international and 
national climate and energy policy analysis, and related areas. This is 
a full-time appointment (for up to two years) with benefits.


The successful candidate must have an M.S. in engineering, economics, 
operations research, management science, computer science or related 
field. GPA of 3.5 preferred.

A solid programing background is required, preferably with some formal 
training. Demonstrated data analysis experience required. Experience 
with greenhouse gas or pollutant emissions data (or similarly 
heterogeneous data sets) is a strong plus. Experience in data processing 
languages/environments such as R also a plus. Excellent written and oral 
communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment are 
necessary. Please attach a cover letter to resume.


JGCRI houses an interdisciplinary team dedicated to understanding the 
problems of global climate change and their potential solutions. JGCRI’s 
research program includes the continuing development and application of 
an integrated assessment computer-modeling framework that combines 
models of the human and Earth systems, including energy and the economy, 
land-use, agriculture, water, climate, air-pollution, and ecosystems.

JGCRI researchers work with scientists and decision-makers in US Federal 
agencies, state governments, industry, foundations, and universities and 
publish in leading scientific journals. JGCRI researchers are leaders in 
the international and national climate and global change research 
communities through prominent roles in science-based integrated 
assessments of energy and agricultural systems and water resources. 
Located in College Park, Maryland, JGCRI is a partnership between the 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy and 
the University of Maryland at College Park. The work environment at 
JGCRI is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, focused on 
solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges associated with 
energy, water and environment.



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