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Tue Jan 6 11:25:59 MST 2015

Job announced for NASA Terrestrial Ecology Program Manager 

OPEN PERIOD: Monday, January 5, 2015 to Friday, February 6, 2015

The responsibility of this position involves managing NASA's research 
program in terrestrial ecology within the Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems 
(CCE) focus area. This position is located in the Earth Science Division 
of the Science Mission Directorate.

Duties: Serves as a Program Manager for ecological sciences with 
responsibility for planning and directing the execution of research 
and development in the Terrestrial Ecology Program. Directs the 
planning, development, execution, and management of a research 
program in terrestrial ecology and biogeochemistry and in the use of 
remote sensing to address ecological issues. Defines program goals 
and objectives responsive to the priorities of the U.S. Global Change 
Research Program and NASA's Earth Science Division; establishes 
priorities; determines manpower and funding requirements and allocates 
resources to meet them; and manages center and university projects and 
assesses results. Reviews and recommends action on proposed contracts, 
grants, interagency transfers, and in-house projects. Monitors and 
evaluates progress on approved tasks and recommends changes or solutions 
to problems or redirection of effort.


Job Title:AST, Biological Studies
Job Announcement Number:HQ15B0017
SALARY RANGE: $126,245.00 to $158,700.00 / Per Year
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