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Subject: Ph.D. Graduate Fellowship in Forest Biogeochemistry

A position is available for a PhD student interested in investigating how=

acid deposition affects the nutrient dynamics and productivity of deciduo=
forests in central Appalachia.=20
Students will have the opportunity to conduct research at the Fernow
Experimental Forest and contribute to long-term research at this location=
Student research will involve field work in the beautiful mountains of We=
Virginia along with extensive training in the use of analytical
instrumentation, experimental design, data analysis, computer modeling,
communication skills, and teaching.  More about the long-term research at=

the Fernow can be found at: www.as.wvu.edu/fernow/

Summer support is available for five years from an NSF-funded grant recen=
recommended for funding, and this would supplement the compensation recei=
during the academic year as a teaching assistant in the Department of
Biology at West Virginia University. Information about the graduate progr=
in biology, and how to apply, is available at:

A successful applicant should have: (1) a bachelor=92s or master=92s degr=
ee in a
relevant field of study (ecology, geography, geology, biology, etc.); (2)=
strong interest in ecosystem ecology and issues related to environmental
change; (3) a willingness to learn techniques used to analyze the chemica=
composition of soil, water, and plant samples; (4) an interest in learnin=
computer modeling and incorporating it into their research; and (5) stron=
writing skills and a commitment to the effective communication of science=
technical and non-technical audiences.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact:=20

Dr. William Peterjohn=20
Department of Biology
West Virginia University
bpj at wvu.edu=20
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