[ES_JOBS_NET] Fwd: 2 marine/env science program administration positions at Pew

Katie Matthews katiematthews at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 13:32:20 MST 2015

Hi there,

Two junior positions open in the environmental science division at Pew.
The associate position (reports to me) requires at least 2 years of
post-bachelors experience (preferably more), and the senior associate
position (reports to a colleague of mine) requires at least 5.

I’m hoping you can distribute to your networks – and to any graduates from
a few years back who might be looking or folks recently completing a

*In Washington DC – Pew’s environmental science division*

Senior associate reporting to the director of the Pew Marine Fellows
program. (Contact: Polita Glynn at pglynn at pewtrusts.org)


Associate reporting to the manager of the conservation science program.
(Contact: Katie Matthews at kmatthews at pewtrusts.org)


Happy to answer questions informally too.


Katie Matthews

katiematthews at gmail.com
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