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Dear Colleague,

CCAP is looking for a new Director for International Policy Analysis, a key
Senior position within CCAP.  I was wondering if you could suggest possible
candidates.  Please feel free to share the attached Position Description
with others, and let my assistant know at ewinterland at ccap.org if you can
think of some one that would be an especially strong match.

The Director will be an integral part of CCAP’s Mitigation Action
Implementation Network (MAIN) initiative, which seeks to catalyze the
development of win-win climate change mitigation and sustainable
development policies in developing countries in Latin America and Asia. We
are seeking a proactive, creative policy thinker and manager with
outstanding analytic ability, well developed people skills, and experience
putting together successful policy initiatives on the ground.

This is a unique opportunity for the right person to make a significant
contribution to achieving pragmatic and effective policy change on the
ground in a variety of policy environments around the world.

Thank you for helping us fill this important position.

Click here to see full job posting.

Best, Ned

Ned Helme | President
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