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Subject: Associate Lecturer of Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program in the College of Liberal Studies at th=
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is soliciting qualified candidates for =
position of Associate Lecturer. This is a full time (100%) academic year=20=

position beginning August 29, 2016. Environmental Studies is an=20
interdisciplinary minor at the university, which includes courses in the=20=

humanities, social and natural sciences. Our minors include students from=
departments across the university. Duties of this position include teachi=
multiple sections of Introduction to Environmental Studies each semester,=
and upper level courses in environmental studies. Additional=20
responsibilities may include serving as course coordinator for Introducti=
to Environmental Studies (e.g. helping to coordinate speakers, field trip=
and assessment activities within the course).

The Environmental Studies Program supports and values diversity in its st=
and students. We seek a colleague who shares the program=92s commitment t=
diversity and who will be a dedicated teacher, active scholar, and effect=
mentor for students with diverse backgrounds, preparation, and career goa=

Please apply online at: https://employment.uwlax.edu/postings/5208.
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