[ES_JOBS_NET] Postdoc position: moss-microbe symbioses and nitrogen fixation in Arctic ecosystems

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Subject: Postdoc position: moss-microbe symbioses and nitrogen fixation in
Arctic ecosystems

Postdoctoral Research Position: the nitrogen-fixing microbiome of Arctic =

I am seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join an NSF-funded Dimensions o=
f Biodiversity=20
project on moss and microbial controls over nitrogen fixation in Arctic e=
cosystems. This=20
project will explore the role of moss population genetics and community s=
tructure in regulating=20
the diversity and function of the nitrogen-fixing microbiome. The postdoc=
 will focus on=20
ecosystem- and moss species-level patterns of nitrogen fixation along a l=
arge-scale climate=20
gradient in Alaska and in long-term manipulative experiments at Toolik Fi=
eld Station=20
(http://toolik.alaska.edu/) and Denali National Park (http://www.nps.gov/=
dena/index.htm <http://www.nps.gov/=dena/index.htm>). The=20
postdoc will collaborate with an interdisciplinary group, including an ev=
olutionary biologist=20
(Stuart McDaniel; http://mcdaniellab.biology.ufl.edu/), a bio-statisticia=
n (Jose Miguel Ponciano;=20
https://josemiguelponciano.wordpress.com/thelab/), and a microbial ecolog=
ist (Noah Fierer;=20
http://fiererlab.org/), so candidates with broad interests in ecology and=
 evolutionary biology=20
are encouraged to apply.

The post-doc will join Michelle Mack=92s Lab (https://www2.nau.edu/mackla=
b-p/wordpress/ <https://www2.nau.edu/mackla=b-p/wordpress/>) in=20
the Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (http://ecoss.nau.edu/) at N=
orthern Arizona=20
University (https://nau.edu/) and will be expected to lead fieldwork in t=
he summer and lab=20
work, data analysis, and manuscript preparation in the winter. There are =
three years of=20
funding, depending on satisfactory performance, beginning in spring of 20=

Required Qualifications: a PhD in ecosystem ecology, plant ecophysiology =
or a related field.=20
Preferred Qualifications: experience with fieldwork, field and laboratory=
 measurements of plant=20
functional traits, and stable isotope natural abundance and tracer techni=
ques. Preferred=20
interests: ecosystem ecology, plant-microbe interactions, and the evoluti=
on of symbioses.

To apply, send a letter of intent explaining why you are interested in th=
is position, a CV and a=20
list of three references to michelle.mack at nau.edu. Applications will be c=
onsidered as they are=20
received. For full consideration, apply on or before February 1, 2016.
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