[ES_JOBS_NET] Ph.D. research opportunity at Temple University: Mineralogy of aqueous systems

Steven Chemtob chemtob at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 12:42:06 MST 2015

The Department of Earth and Environmental Science at Temple University
invites applications for a Ph.D. position in Geosciences. Students
interested in aqueous geochemistry, mineralogy, materials characterization,
and Earth history are especially encouraged to apply.

The successful candidate, to be advised by Prof. Steven Chemtob, will
conduct research on the precipitation and diagenesis of hydrous iron
silicate phases that were potential precursors to Precambrian-aged iron
formation. The student will design and implement laboratory studies to
synthesize candidate phases and characterize their structure and trace
element and stable isotope partitioning behavior. Relevant analytical
capabilities at Temple include XRD, ICP-MS, Raman and infrared
spectrometers, and electron microscopy facilities. The student may also
have the opportunity to travel to and conduct analyses at regional stable
isotope laboratories and national synchrotron facilities.

The Ph.D. position will be fully funded through teaching and research
assistantships. Applicants must hold a M.S. degree (or equivalent) in
geology, earth science, environmental science, or a similar field and
possess strong written and oral communication skills. Experience with wet
chemistry laboratory techniques is required. Previous experience with
mineral spectroscopy (e.g. infrared, Raman, or X-ray absorption
spectroscopy) is a plus.

If interested, please contact Steven Chemtob, Assistant Professor,
Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA (chemtob at temple.edu). Formal applications are due Feb. 1;
information on how to apply is available at (
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