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AIR RESOURCES BOARD, STATE <http://www.arb.ca.gov>

Salary: $4,343.00 - $8,404.00
Posted: 11/25/2015

Job Description:


Are you interested in an exciting and challenging research position with a world-leading air pollution control agency to inform and develop innovative air pollution mitigation programs to protect public health and address climate change? California Air Resources Board (ARB) Research Division is looking for a knowledgeable, energetic, and proven air quality researcher to join the Emission and Exposure Research Section (EERS) to conduct extensive research studies on air pollution and climate change mitigation. The Section is responsible for the design, implementation, and analysis of critical research studies to evaluate the air pollution and exposure impacts of various emission sources (on-road light- and heavy-duty vehicles, ships, oil and gas activities, landfills, dairies, etc.), and routinely participate in ground-breaking research efforts with leading researchers from various national and state research labs. Selected candidate will join a group of highly trained and experienced researchers working on air quality and climate research, with extensive publication record in respected peer-reviewed research journals.

The selected candidate will be responsible for leading in-house measurement research, and will be tasked with conducting field studies as well as analytical research to help improve our understanding of air pollution sources and their long-term emission trends, and their impacts on regional and local air quality and population and personal exposures. Staff will be ideally positioned to connect air quality research in the policy framework, provide scientific recommendations for air quality and land use planning, and advise the Agency on air pollution and exposure research and program planning efforts. The selected candidate will have an opportunity to champion high quality air pollution research with innovative and cutting edge research tools like ARB's state-of-the-art mobile measurement platforms, high fidelity air pollution and GHG research analyzers, and portable and low-cost air quality sensors to study real-world emission and exposure impacts of various emission sources.

Candidates must have a proven record of accomplishment of conducting strong technical and practical research efforts, extensive publication record, have detailed knowledge of air pollution science and emissions sources, and a broad understanding of air pollution control and mitigation programs. Extensive experience in analyzing large datasets, statistical and numerical analysis, and some modeling expertise in air quality, exposure, source apportionment and similar applications are desirable. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to advise the agency on the impacts of adopted rules, prioritize source sectors for research and air pollution mitigating efforts, publish and present research findings at scientific venues, and build strategic research partnerships with national and international stakeholders.


The most competitive candidate will have an advanced degree in engineering or other scientific disciplines, and detailed knowledge of air pollution and exposure science, emission behavior of air pollution sources, and a broad understanding of ARB programs. The candidate must be a hard worker with the ability to analyze technical data, develop solutions and present technical information in a clear, concise, and logically organized manner. Expertise in statistical analysis, emissions, air quality and exposure modeling, and database applications skills for managing and analyzing large-scale datasets are highly desirable. Critical thinking skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to set and meet deadlines are essential for this job. The candidate must be a team player with a positive attitude, dedication, and a desire to make original and sustained contributions to the ARB. Proven analytical abilities and a strong publication record are critical.


Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be interviewed. If interested, please submit a completed, signed State application (STD. 678) and any other relevant documents (copies of degrees, transcripts etc.) to the attention of Karin Miller at the address listed below. In addition, all applicants must include documentation verifying their educational background, including copies of degrees awarded or transcripts verifying completion of the degree.

Applicants must submit a one-page cover letter detailing how their training and experiences fit into this research program.

This vacancy may be subject to SROA/Surplus provisions. Surplus applicants must attach a copy of their surplus letter with a completed standard State application (STD 678). On page one of your State application you must clearly indicate the basis of your eligibility: list appointment, transfer, SROA, surplus, re-employment, or reinstatement.


We are located downtown in the beautiful California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) building at 10th and I Street. The Light Rail Station is two blocks from Cal/EPA building and is also close to the downtown plaza, restaurants, and gym.

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Air Pollution Specialist

673 - 310 - 3887 - 005







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ARB Research Division
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Karin Miller
(916) 323-1511
karin.miller at arb.ca.gov<mailto:karin.miller at arb.ca.gov>

Job posting is here: http://jobs.spb.ca.gov/wvpos/more_info.cfm?recno=657083

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