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Scientist I

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Job Description

    *PLEASE NOTE: *This is a new full-time position.  Initial
    consideration will be given to applications received prior to 4:00
    p.m. on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  Thereafter, applications will
    be reviewed on an as-needed basis.

    NCAR – High Altitude Observatory (HAO)

    Partial relocation costs paid per UCAR’s relocation policy

    UCAR/NCAR will sponsor a work visa to fill this position



    Conduct independent and collaborative research, model development,
    and numerical experimentation to support HAO’s research objectives
    with a focus on addressing outstanding questions in
    ionosphere-thermosphere research.  Contributes to NCAR and HAO
    programs through leadership and participation in high-priority
    projects such as the development of the Whole Atmosphere Community
    Climate Model Extension (WACCM-X), modeling support for new space-
    and ground-based missions, and the development of ionospheric data
    assimilation tools.  Interact with scientists throughout NCAR and
    the university community on research related to space weather and
    Sun-Climate interactions.  Provides service to the community through
    external committees, editorships, reviews, education/outreach,
    professional society activities, communicating science to the
    public, professional development of staff/visitors, student
    mentoring, or diversity efforts. Communicates research results by
    publishing papers in scientific journals and by giving presentations
    at national and international meetings.


      * Conduct high-quality research to support HAO's scientific
        objectives with a focus on addressing outstanding questions in
        ionosphere-thermosphere research.
      * Interacts with scientists within NCAR and from universities and
        research laboratories to improve our understanding of major
        processes that influence the ionosphere-thermosphere system and
        improve their representation in global models.
      * Establishes a national reputation by writing scientific papers
        describing research results and publishing them in refereed
        scientific journals, and by communicating results at national
        and international scientific meetings.
      * Participates actively in the scientific activities of the
        Atmosphere-Ionosphere-Magnetosphere (AIM) section.
      * Contributes to the development of internally or externally
        funded proposals as a Principal or Co- Investigator, when
      * Reviews research papers in-house and for professional journals.
        Reviews proposals and may serve on professional committees.  May
        interact with and help educate the public about research
        pertaining to the goals and objectives of NCAR’s science programs.
      * May supervise project scientists, associate scientists, software
        engineers, student assistants, or post docs, as appropriate, in
        ways consistent with NCAR Policies and Procedures and with
        Affirmative Action Compliance program goals.



    Education and Experience:

      * PhD. in relevant field such as Chemistry, Meteorology,
        Atmospheric Science, Physics

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

      * Demonstrated ability to conduct high-quality independent
        ionospheric and upper atmospheric research
      * Demonstrated technical ability to work with and develop elements
        of complex global models
      * Demonstrated ability to effectively convey research results
        through publications in scientific journals and through
        presentations at national and international meetings.
      * Ability and willingness to lead collaborative research efforts
        with model development as a key component
      * Ability to work well with multidisciplinary teams of scientists
        at NCAR and beyond
      * Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    Decision Making and Problem Solving:

      * This position requires initiative, independent, and
        collaborative pursuit of various avenues for obtaining improved
        codes, numerical modeling, and scientific analysis.
      * Performs numerical and theoretical model development and
        investigations. Defines and resolves complex scientific and
        technical problems in model validation and data analysis.
      * Designs codes customized to address specific research problems.
      * Makes full use of journal literature and interaction with
        colleagues in resolving scientific research challenges.

    The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) is an
    *equal opportunity employer*
    We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color,
    religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status,
    sexual orientation, domestic partner status, disability, or veteran

Job Location
    Boulder, Colorado, United States
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