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Maura Hahnenberger mhahnenb at bruinmail.slcc.edu
Wed Aug 26 13:35:45 MDT 2015

Aeolian Robots!
Seeking Master’s Student for research project using remote data

We are looking for a graduate student (preferably MS, but PhD considered)
who will work on a two-year multi-location, multi-disciplinary team project
using legged robots to move environmental sensors around artificial and
natural landscapes.  The project is focused on gaining a greater
understanding of aeolian (wind erosion and deposition) processes in
heterogeneous arid and semi-arid environments.  The successful candidate
should have a working understanding of the earth and enjoy working with
computers and data collection interfaces in an outdoor setting.  Much of
the field work will be in the Lubbock, Texas area, but two trips per year
will be made to the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range in southern New
Mexico.  Additional travel may be necessary for training and project
coordination. The student will pursue a degree in Geology or Geography at
Texas Tech University. Start date is January 2016. Interested students
should explain their qualifications to:

Scott Van Pelt Scott.VanPelt at ARS.USDA.GOV

Ted Zobeck Ted.Zobeck at ars.usda.gov
Jeff Lee jeff.lee at ttu.edu

Maura Hahnenberger, PhD
Assistant Professor, Geosciences Department
Salt Lake Community College
mhahnenb at bruinmail.slcc.edu
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