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Subject: PhD scholarship to study blue carbon in Australia - $25K pa

1 week left to go until applications close

Open to international applicants

Project description

Atmospheric accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for 80% of Eart=
greenhouse effect, which causes global warming. Leading nations recognise=

the need to reduce atmospheric carbon (C) emissions.

Australian Governments regard bio-sequestration as "the single largest
opportunity for C emission reduction in Australia" (Liberal), that must b=
"central to any ambitious global effort to meet targets for limiting
temperature increase" (Labor). The capacity of the terrestrial biosphere =
remove C from the atmosphere through bio-sequestration has now been
well-studied (e.g. forest C farming initiatives), but it is now emerging
that the greatest opportunities for C offsetting may be within coastal
vegetated habitats; specifically, saltmarshes, and mangroves - commonly
referred to as 'blue carbon' ecosystems.

We are seeking a PhD candidate to investigate opportunities for using blu=
carbon ecosystems to offset carbon emissions within the Corangamite regio=

This PhD project will:

    Measure carbon accumulation rates and greenhouse gas fluxes within
Corangamite's current and former blue carbon ecosystems;
    Investigate the potential negative impacts of agricultural stressors =
the carbon sink capacity of Corangamite's wetlands; and
    Test a range of strategies for reducing carbon losses and maximising
carbon gains within the Corangamite catchment.

Application period/Closing date

5pm, 31 August 2015

To apply: Please also include a cover letter in the online application st=

    your career aspirations;
    research interests; and
    a summary of your education and employment history.

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